Stop ignoring mages

Don’t know why you’re linking this here and directing your salt at me haha I’m just saying, I don’t think dropping mage based weapons will make them fix anything… but I’m speaking from experience of seeing game companies ignore the things that aren’t being played or “these players left, so we extra don’t have to bother with them anymore”. Like I’m guessing they don’t give a damn which weapons are being used and which ones aren’t… and if the devs are already failing you, why give them more excuses to continue to do so? There, that was my point. Don’t know how else I could explain it to make it more clear. I’m all for people quitting a game they’re not happy with though. I quit ESO recently and am super happy I can say goodbye to crap Zenimax.

If i wanna make people laugh i pull out my firefart and fart fire all over them as a joke!

Bows can, legit look at any bow montage on youtube.

Against bad players. You talked about people who actually know what they do.

Damn this thread actually got necro’ed. :rofl:

same. just checked now to sell few items, but otherwise completly quit

ain’t surprising. they claim to play mages, but i highly doubt that ^^

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When you reach a raisonnable stuff i think mage is fine but some other weaps need nerf for the pvp to be balanced…

Leaping strike from Sns is so broken it’s almost impossible to dodge and then the unkittable left click spam begins, bows/muskets can two shot us and GS is op to the point every low skill looks like god while playing it.

Just a reminder.

Mage is not only firestaff.

Mage is VG IG as well.

So if you boosting FS, please boost VG to have normal right side. And on IG idk, maybe weapon fine.


I say we keep this alive until the update hits and Ultimate Chill is fixed.


Update: @Aenwyn plays a mage though :face_with_diagonal_mouth:… this thread died because they were ignored and left in droves. Apparently their feedback wasn’t constructive enough and they weren’t willing to wait years for their bug/animation fixes to be addressed. Instead 6 months later… we have leaderboards :expressionless: WELP… we’ll see where this all leads eventually.

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Naw we didn’t leave we are just waiting. They calmed us down by releasing a small FS buff (yes pretty insignificant) but also by acknowledging our posts and telling us changes are coming. So now we are just waiting to see if those changes are going to be worth a shit. No use to keep harping now when they’ve already directly responded.


Glad you’re still here :star_struck:. +1 mages

In previous mutated, I got denied to join lobbies in mutated 3 genesis as firestaff and void gauntlet. Not only should the firestaff be the best weapon in genesis but the void gauntlet support with rend and empower should be preferred but they rather would take someone with hatchet/gs. As a mage int player, you’re not allowed to play pve. Do you know how disheartening it is to spend so much gold for your mutated gear getting it to 625 and not even getting picked in gf? This situation with gen 3 is an outlier but it happens even more frequently the higher you go up and NO group is allowing firestaff even in genesis at the top mutations unless they’re premade.


Hello Guys,

i hope thats the right spot to put my thoughts after “trying” to play as a Mage (FS/IG).

I´m kind of missing a little bit of a Mage feeling, like beeing a Range DPS or CCing Enemies (slow, freeze, stun). Most of the skills to use are AOE and mid to close range and theres literally no CC.

Following are some ideas, to bring this feeling to the game:

  1. Give FS and/or IG a range ability for example:

“Flame Slash”:
The player fires a flame blade (45 degree angle, 1,5m long) that deals high damage (maybe consuming the burning stacks, or even pierce through enemies). Same speed and distance like a basic attack.
(similar to the ability “flame reach” in ESO)

“Ice Shards”:
Player lifts the IG to summon 3 Ice Shards and fires them with LMB. Same distance like the basic attack with doubled speed.

  1. Give FS and/or IG some CC for example:

“Flame Breather” or “spit fire” (as a perk for flame thrower or as an own ability):
Player is using the FS as a torch like a flame breather and spits a cone of fire in front of him. Deals moderate damage, applies X Stack of burning, stuns enemies for X seconds.
(similar to dragon breath in WOW or fiery breath in ESO)

“Icy Breeze” (as a perk for wind chill or as an own ability):
player holds the IG in font of his mouth and blows a cone of icy wind in front of him. Deals little damge, freezes/slows enemies.
(similar to cone of cold in WOW)

Of course the last two abilities could use the existing animations, but spitting fire or blowing freezing wind would be just awesome :-).

Let me know what you think about it and sorry if my english is not perfect.



When I was thinking about ways AGS could rework Flamethrower similar thing came to mind. Particularly something close range that would consume the burn stacks. However the % ratio would have to be lower considering it’s ranged. We don’t want it to be FnF that you can stack from a far.

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there are several mages in M10s on my server, OPR is full of mages. There are more mages in OPR than any other build. Stop asking for buffs cause youre bad. its honestly ridiculous

Animation/talent/skill reworks are not the same as buffs… damage is fine…

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On my server its still almost only Bows and muskets plus your tryhard 5 stacks. Firestaff does need some reworks to some of its abilities and passives, overall dmg output ist fine, only overshadowed by overtuned weapons atm