Stop letting defenders pick the war schedule

I see a fair amount of posts here about how unfair it is that one company…or a mega-corp spanning several companies…holds so much of the map. Often those posts demand some sort of nerf to the defending territory, a concept I oppose because I don’t think AGS should punish people for winning wars. I have a different proposal as a potential solution - stop letting defenders pick when they get to defend and allow for multiple attacks on their territories at the same time.

[EDIT - the bigger point than time of day is to allow for coordinated assaults on a company’s territories at the same time and create a price to pay for overextending and counting on a hand-picked “A Team” to defend all of their turf.]

Just do away with the concept that defenders get to choose what time attacks take place. This model is something that’s puzzled me since it began and I still fail to understand it. It makes no sense to me that people defending something get to choose what time their enemies are going to attack.

“But if attackers get to choose then there will be 2AM wars!” Fair point, so throw a 10PM-6AM block on war times otherwise…so what? If an attacking company can muster their troops at a time of their choosing to launch an assault then the defenders can either do the same or lose their territory.

"But we could have to defend 5 settlements at the same time!" And that is exactly the point! I wouldn’t go so far as to allow attacks without notice (the forums would go up in flames) ala DAoC but the attackers should be the ones to decide the time of day. Yes, that means if a company holding 5 territories gets 5 wardecs from an alliance of companies trying to dethrone them at exactly the same time they’re probably screwed. That’s called spreading yourself too thin, and it should come with risks.


yeeeeaaaahhh no i got bills to pay man.

it was nice when i didnt have to, when i could do all nighters and stuff. but man there is just no fucking way anymore.

not in this economy.

id be good if attacks could schedule the wars but only during non business and not sleeping hours please and thanks.

its gona be hard to deal with a single super territory but doing that and coordinating with a few other companies you could knock out a super company that holds multiple territories that way.

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So you get up, go defend, and go back to sleep. :wink: I had bills to pay when I had to do the same as a GM in DAoC - I think we’ve all just gotten used to far less inconvenience in our gaming than there used to be.

yeah i get that.

i used to do all nighters waiting for rare mobs to spawn in ff11. even with timers it was rough and it could completely not spawn or be taken. but that was when i didn’t have a job and i could do whatever i wanted.

ether way i dont see it as an inconvenience as apposed to a straight determent to your quality of life. and potential intrusion into your normal daily life. which a game really shouldn’t be doing.

imho anyway. a game should be a game not a second job.

or AGS could just decide when the wars should happen so that neither end can decide their time. :smiley:

The problem I see with that is that AGS seems likely to implement it in a way that prevents wars against the same company happening at the same time. That would block the whole reason behind coordinated assaults against that company being scheduled at the same time, which would be to allow coordinated efforts by multiple attackers and create a big risk for companies that overextend themselves.

I don’t know if we’re going to agree on this observation, but; from what I see the companies holding multiple central hubs and making bank on them seem to be made up of people who spend a helluva lot of time gaming as it is.

Not many people want to have to wake up at 2AM to defend or attack, and yes it would be a pain, but I still maintain it’s a better proposal than continually nerfing held territories until the odds of a successful defense are lowered and punishing the winners.

Nah offline raiding is boring and just creates more offline raiding.

The core issue is shell companies and a single group of X players being able to cover large amounts of territory with them.

Would be simpler to put a hard daily/weekly cap on number of war participations a player can participate in.

Or use an adjacency system that prevents a player from defending/attacking territories that are adjacent to each other within a defined timeframe.

The adjacency system would likely curtail a single strong A team covering the 3-4 most valuable territories since they are all adjacent to each other.

right but as the next reply says.

the people that own those super spots are probably people that can do 2am raids. and nothing stops them from counter waring at 2am again and again.

it just hurts everyone else.

I could see some minor restrictions - like perhaps a 10PM to 6AM block on war times - still making this workable. I think a bigger point than the 2AM assault piece of this is allowing multiple assaults against the same company at the same time; making overextending to dominate a map come with the real risk of losing a bunch of them. The only reason to block attackers from deciding when they will attack is to give defenders the ability to field…

…and allows for alliances of opposing companies to pressure them much harder than they are today.

yeah zero issues if its off work hours and off sleep hours

being able to multi strike a multi territory holding super company would give people a chance at clawing away some territories by doing simultaneous wars. the super companies will have to send out their heavy hitters to ether one territory or split up giving the attackers a better chance.

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And that is the bigger piece of the suggestion, absolutely. I’m going to edit the top post to make that clear.

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I agree with the basic concept but 2AM shouldn’t be on the table. Attackers should get to choose their window from the pool of reasonable windows that already exist.

what does business hours and sleeping hours have to do with gaming hours, why should the handicap you have affect others. i know most gamers nowadays are adults, but he has a point. Imagine back in medieval times, when a settlement would be under siege, you really think the defenders was like , ok guys listen up attack between these 2 times and then we can defend it at our best! hell no they would just come and ud have to face it. OP makes a point and i think that simple shift of giving the attackers the right to pick a time and date can lead to some intresting developments. And less powerhousing company’s defending everything all at once.

Ps. im 32 and i also got bills to pay :wink: but im not entitled enough to tell the rest of the world to wait till im out of work or done sleeping lmao (in short, thats a you problem)

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Check out the edited version of the thread starter. :slight_smile:

i mean… timezones are a thing… your 2 am is maybe not my 2 am.

I know your trying to smoothen it for them to make it acceptable for the nay sayers, but in reality you are so right about this that u should keep your stance on it.

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This is 2022, not 1722. Bringing up this argument makes you look like a contrarian moron.

Ps. im 32 and i also got bills to pay :wink: but im not entitled enough to tell the rest of the world to wait till im out of work or done sleeping lmao (in short, thats a you problem)

It’s not entitlement to expect the game to be designed with the barest minimum of consideration of the average life patterns of their players.

i mean… timezones are a thing… your 2 am is maybe not my 2 am.

Then play on a server where your 2AM is the server 2AM.

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i mean if that comparison doesnt make u see how dumb it is in current state, then i really wonder who the moron is. Tho i’d hate to be namecalling you :slight_smile: (at least i got the balls to say my opinion if its not the mayority’s opinion)

yeah i get the realism thing. yeah wars are often fought at whatever time for whatever advantages you could get. but this isnt real life its a game. and besides if people want to moonlight war related stuff they could be pushing influance at till 3 am if they want to.

but gating the big event against the majority of people that cant afford to not sleep for work the next day is probably not a good thing.

and im sort of an exception as im west coast playing on east coast. i totally could have the advantage on 2am eastern wars.

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Making the comparison is dumb. We aren’t medieval peasants being called to war by some landed knight with a grudge to settle. You know what else they didn’t have in medieval times? Axes that ripped fucking holes in spacetime. Fire magic. Ice magic. Not having to shit ever.

(at least i got the balls to say my opinion if its not the mayority’s opinion)

It’s not courageous to be an idiot in the open. It just makes you another of the million overly confident idiots that doesn’t know when to shut up.

“Look at these people protesting the vaccines! How courageous they are to be fighting to kill hundreds of thousands of their fellow men!”