Stop letting defenders pick the war schedule

Ok, imagine it’s 2022 and a war is in progress then look at the rest of the statement in the context of right now. I edited to suggest a 10PM- 6 AM block on war scheduling, but he has a point that - no matter the era - letting defenders decide when they will be attacked makes no sense and has simply never existed as a thing. I know this isn’t real life, but still - it’s an odd model to have decided on.

Ok, while I completely agree with this sentiment that’s a massive can of thread-derailing worms you just opened there. :wink:

i mean i agree with that, that its a game and it should be accessible for people. but litterly saying like “dont war while i work” goes a bit too far. Sure middle of the night i get that one. i can def compromise my own stance slightly as i can see that point. but work? cmon. take a day off or make your money. wars are litterly being scheduled ahead of time. atm in siege window i could set my defense to your work schedule in theory. so tf

Just add a war fatigue debuff. It’s been said several times.
You defended EF for your guild Space Munchers on Monday?
You can’t defend WW for Space Münchers on Tuesday.

without realising it i think this pretty much negates the entire argument of attackers should not pick time while i work. lol why does defense get to do that then? in theory that would block out any attacks since you guys are working during siege hours.

And does absolutely nothing to prevent a multi-company mega-corp from simply splitting up the prime territories while still using the same hand-picked crew of defenders to hold them unless attackers can coordinate simultaneous wars.

its a sad state of affairs but i cant afford to take days off and im sure many dont even get days off. ether way, the point was 2am is a bit late for everyone but during day time even if its in the 8 am to 10pm is fine.

that was my only concern. id like to put more consideration for the workers that need money to live/burn in the cash shop but chances are those are the people that will be doing wars in the first place and they will probably schedule it for a time that most people are naturally on anyway.

the odd hour people are an exception to the rules.

i rlly rlly hate to be the ice-cold asshole im about to be. But that is your problem. why should that affect me? someone who can take a day off.

Once again i rlly rlly hate being this cold. and i have nothing against you.

Best part is, i am a defender currently. and i agree with OP.

What do you mean? You basically do exactly that. The same hand picked players can’t fight twice ^^

doubt (jk). but also im not the only person that cant take days off.

and take a look from AGS perspective.

you really think they are going to design the game only for extreme people? its amazon. all they do is broad appeal.
they are going to make sure its accessible to “everyone” even if the grind is ridiculous.

Sorry, I missed the point that you want to exclude players from defending and assumed you were talking about companies, my bad. I assume you would apply the same restrictions to attackers?

taking a day off is far from extreme. in my country for example you can take days off and still get paid for them. (as u save up free-days)

you would be surprised the extreme lengths companies and management goes through to make it extreme.

i find 1 company being able to set all the siege times on all their settlements so they can rotate the same team to defend everything a bit extreme. wich means ul always be fighting the same powerhouse. always the A team.

(no room for smart attacks)

Then there also needs to be attacking war fatigue. You attacked WW for you guild on Monday and lost, then you can’t attack WW for your guild on Tuesday. Because turn about is 100% fair.

Because your situation represents a vast, vast, vast, vast minority. It’s deeply ironic that you keep telling people that X and Y are “you problems” when it’s actually you that has a series of “you problems”. Most people on the planet cannot just take a day off whenever.

If you have a problem bring it up with the shitty cultures that exist outside of Europe and Australia and maybe New Zealand, because everywhere else we work until we drop dead more or less.


Yes also, makes sense.

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Why would a job have any relevance on whatever happens in a game???

Please send your work schedule + the times u are at work to the dev’s so they can make SURE to have their maintainances match your working schedule!

JEEZ the audacity.

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