Stop Locking Our Servers For Too Long / (Transfer Tokens)

(Before you continue reading, yes, I watched the dev video)


I’m not here to argue about past posts. Just give us an answer.

When are the merges/transfer tokens coming?

I play on a server where a majority of my own faction has moved to a bigger and better server. Since I transferred in from a dead server quite some time ago, I am stuck. How is this fair to the people that tried to better themselves in the first place? We chose a lower populated server after launch because you told us to. We transferred off a dead server when given the opportunity. Once again I find myself on a dead server with no help.

This isn’t a way a developer is supposed to treat their community. Please make it right. Please do it sooner than later. You’re losing people by the day, if not the hour, and I don’t want to be one of those numbers. I enjoy your game. Make it right for all of us still here.

EDIT (Mar 3/11): Although transfer tokens should stay relevant, the current issue with our worlds and regions is the fact that we have Orun, Castle of Steel, and Maramma all locked. People that were on these servers transfer to the newest best server and the cycle will repeat until no one is left.

Ideally, AGS acts fast and merges some of these worldsets. We’d like to know if it is a real issue or not and how long it will take. My post was out of the frustration of lack of communication from AGS; this still stands true today.


Server transfer token should be made available immediately after server merges happen, and then only allow transfers from high-pop to lower-pop. Letting players transfer to any server will just lead to one or two servers with eight-hour queues and 50 dead servers.


There is no incentive for people to move from a highly populated server besides perhaps playing with friends that then would be unable to join them. This doesn’t make any sense.


It really is mind boggling how long some players have waited for additional transfers/merges as the server they have moved or been moved to has died. It’s a wonder how many players quit simply because their server died.


Yep exactly like we say in French « Se tirer dans le pied » , they literally shooting themselves by ignoring transfers and making people leave because they can’t group for anything / TP dead …etc

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Exactly that Valyk. I’ve had plenty from my original company on Kaluwalhatian that either quit waiting for the first token or are now quitting on the second server. It’s only a couple of us left and we had already merged into a faction-wide company that is barely existent anymore. It’s tough on people and the devs aren’t moving fast enough.


It does if you look at it from the perspective of overall game health. You might want to move to a higher pop server (everyone does). But then what happens? We end up with one server with massive queues and, like I said, 50 dead servers.

Look at Valhalla: 400 members of the top town-owning companies moved at once to Eden (along with the tens of millions of gold they squeezed from the looney “tax holiday”). Now, Valhalla, one of the highest pop servers, rarely peaks above 1,000 and Eden has a queue. How is that good for the health of the game?

Isn’t having a mega company of 400 players on a 2000 max server is kinda wrong too ? Doesn’t feel right to me lol

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They need to merge more servers together.

Many servers are languishing with less then a couple hundred players at peak playing times for their respective regions. (And now no longer available to see since AGS decided to remove that ability with the API)

These players are receiving a very poor quality experience. Do you know what a low pop server is like? Towns barely afford the upkeep on their workbenches since taxes are so few. Outpost Rush is non existant. Dungeon runs are rare. Player gold is so low since all of these activities aren’t available to them.

These people will quit and all thats left on these dead servers will be bots mining away the free resources waiting for a merge to sell them off and and sell the gold.


They’re doing it backward. Give people the transfer tokens to move where they want to be with their friends and/or company and then merge the servers having issues. It’s a win at step one and then a mild win at step two.

The way mergers are set up now makes it a win at step one but the transfers screw with server balance.

But regardless, I’m on a dying/dead server and want out. There’s no reason not to monetize the tokens now and give it a 30d cd.


A timeline on when we get tokens would be nice, give me some hope to continue playing the game.

Yup. Makes no sense.

They literally answered the question in the last Dev video.

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They will come once the devs have fixed the housing problem with transfers and they feel comfortable that transfers are in a safe and stable state.

This was talked about in the recent dev video.


Cool so when the game is completely dead and has lost 99% of its peak population rather than 93%.


Unfortunately it seems that it will come too late. Some of these people have been struggling for weeks or even months in some cases and have been given nothing but promises to fix things eventually.

The devs should be doing something immediately to alleviate the subpar experience they are receiving for playing on these servers. You can’t reasonably expect these people to keep playing.

When the housing persistency bug is fixed, merges 1.5 will come right after that, along with a token for transfer. Second token for all of us sitting on one already, according to the latest developer roundtable.

  1. Is the housing persistence problem fixed now already? or yet to be fixed?

  2. What is the expected time-frame of merges 1.5?

  3. After merges round 1.5 happens, what is the expected time frame for tokens round 2 (free and/or paid)?

The problem is that round 2 tokens were spoken about in November to be expected before the end of the year 2021. If the housing problem took that long there was no update on a new expected time frame. Dev talks mentioned that things could be done AFTER this or AFTER that without clearly giving an end date.

Imagine, someone owes you money, and they say that they will pay it AFTER next week or next month sometime… yet after 3 months they still have not paid it back. Because there is no end date, they just keep jerking your chain along after the next day, after the next week, after the next month.

I am frustrated. I would like to keep my post civil, but I would like to make this point clear: I AM FRUSTRATED!

This was mentioned during the previous dev video.

There is a current bug holding it back, the team is hard at work fixing it. As soon as there is any new information we’ll be sure to share it to everyone. We do understand the frustration.

This was mentioned. You’re not wrong there. But at this point we’re asking for an actual timeline and active updates.

It also seems insane to say there’s a bug holding it back yet I’ve watched half my faction leave to Eden with their original transfer token without a hitch. Makes no sense.