Stop locking the fresh start servers!

lol does that actually work?

my friend was super desperate and tried, he couldn’t get it to go.

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It really does! Bless the power of spamming enter!

OG FS Servers are currently UNLOCKED. Get in now, there is no telling how long it will stay open.


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Thank you so much for locking the servers especially the main start ones. For those of us who wait now have really healthy population and don’t have to start over where maybe the top servers yesterday might need to rerole now :slight_smile:

Servers are open thank you AGS! People gogogo!

You should read this. All of this thread should read this. Here is the information you need and cant find for yourself.

AGS disagrees obviously. Between you and them, who gets to decide?

I fear its too late…steam charts not looking good, all fresh servers no queue. The locked char creation blunder might have sealed the doom fate

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Bro what are you talking about? The US servers look healthy, only EU servers are lower pop right now because it’s sleep time for them. Servers do not need huge queues to feel healthy, it’s actually credit to AGS opening enough servers to spread people out. Game peaked at 108k today, and it’s not even the weekend yet.

1500 players on all 4 useast servers, max is 2500, 119,000 yesterday and 85,000 today… The locked char creation separated friends and it didnt bode well, trend on pop is usually downward…hopefully not but we’ll see

Primordial (new) Suktuh they are both med pop +, primordial has a queue, neither are locked to new players, just transfers, so what your problem exactly?

Lol it got unlocked an hour ago, good one.

We all rolled on Medea. Which got locked. So we decided to reroll on Lilith when the rest of our group got home. Now a friend of ours wife can’t roll on Lilith because they locked it after 20 people were in queue?

…So they quit.

This is all a mess.

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That seems to be such a petty thing to do.

So at about 830pm myrddin unlocked. I’m very thankful for this as now i get to join my friends tonight. But honestly it almost killed the idea of playing for me. If it hadn’t unlocked within the weak I don’t think i would have stuck around for it too. But regardless of that. Thankfully they decided to unlock them. Atleast the one i needed to join. So i hope the same happens for others missing out on game time with there friends.

Did they lock it or they did not want to wait in queue?

Sounds like they did not want to actually play the game. Your friends are naturally toxic thus the result you have currently.

Unlock the servers @o-o so tired of the fact that ive been waiting 5 days to play with friends, there is literally no reason to create another character on another server because i wont play it. Why are you guys doing this no mmo has ever locked servers before. Its stupid.


yes just allow it!!

cluster all servers together and add portals to enter another server one each North, East, South and West map regions.

problem solved.

Just like ARK, ATLAS.

Same thing you could mirror the entire map 4 times rotate it make it larger added different biomes increase server cap to 8000 players but on each 4 corners of the map add a gateway to join the different instance…

all this self caused issues because one dev wants the entire map to be seamingless of laoding screens is pathetic.

you can have the entire world seamingless as it is but just add freaking portals on the outter egde of the world map not so hard

amazon fails to take advantage of their main benefit being a world leader in server infrastucture they could have estabishlished some 40k players or more on one server if its by different instances or as i wrote gates…