Stop locking the fresh start servers!

So pay them more money to get around the problem they just created - no. Not to mention, they’ve specifically stated that wouldn’t be possible for the foreseeable future.

The Return to Aeturnum Event the streamers are all doing on a private non public server from nov 2 -nov 18.

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Ah, thank you!

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Free the servers, we have friends coming home from work wanting to join those of us that have played all day. Do the right thing AGS, thanks!


THIS, i waited a while for amarah to open up started to make my character and chose a name i didn’t like so i deleted the character and tried to make a new one and the server was already locked again by the time i did this. I’ll wait in queue if it means i can play with my friends eventually.

As a reminder:

Q: What if all Fresh Start Worlds are set to Full?

A: Servers may become locked between waves due to world capacity and queues but we will monitor worlds closely, especially during and right after the rollout phase to ensure that players can join a world in their preferred region.

I have seen that there are servers that have been unlocked so keep your eye on that server status page.


literally 2 servers locked and one of them is the one with all of my friends on it, just open them so we can play where we want with friends. Some people don’t mind waiting in a queue. But what i won’t do is be left out and go play on a different fresh server by myself.

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Thank you so much, Myrddin opened and my friends were able to make their characters!

Open Apophis and Cleopatra pls, there is no one in queue, wtf… and cleopatra is not even full…

ty fer opening devourer

Yes please reopen the last 2 locked FS servers, several people are waiting to play with their company
EDIT: Thank you for opening the last 2 FS Server!!!

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Big thx for open Apo!

Please open Amarah their is no queue !

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YES PLEASEEE, zero person queue and it’s still locked

You would think they had someone dedicated to reopening the servers when queues got low but even that’s to much to expect from this scuffed company.

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please open Devourer!

cant transfer to fresh start servers

I’m response to wtf they are doing:

The same things that drove everyone away from the game in droves in the first place.

Considering it’s launch day maybe give it a week for interest to fade and hopefully you’ll have better luck. NW looks pretty down bad server wise in general but the roll out plan for FSS would be a good place to start reading before raging. They p. much said this would maybe happen, so I’m not surprised it did.

Different launch, same old New World.

Indeed. Myrddin has been sitting either at 0 or single digit queue for a while, now. I joined the server with my friends, but the server locked shortly after that, just before my husband got in. Very awkward timing!

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I think it was last open like 3 hours ago. its due to open back up as its the ONLY one closed at 0.