Stop making skills with circles

For the love of god stop adding in new skills that place circles on the floor until you can show us which circles are friendly and which are not. Feels like walking through a minefield right now.


AGS has already addressed this issue. They said it would take a significant amount of recoding. It’s being worked on to make an enemy AOE a different color than an ally AOE.


Right they shuld introduce more Hexagon and Square formatet AoE ground effects! More equalety for the other geometrical shapes!
Sorry but this was all I could think when read this title. And yes you are absolut right. Problem is they have not introduced a sollid way to instance draw objects based on state would be my guess (was Luberyard not free? I shuld look into it to get more of a feeling how hard it is). So it could take a while since it will propably require some change deep in the code.

Hm… sounds actually pretty straightforward.

  1. You can use atomic component Decal to project a texture onto another surface, which takes care of the ground circle appearance.
    Open 3D Engine

  2. You can use Shape component to spawn invisible phantom object in-game together with the Decal. Size of the Shape should match the Decal to ensure that visual guidelines actually match the area of effect.
    Open 3D Engine

  3. You can use the EBus Interface available for each Shape to call method IsPointInside and provide character’s coordinates
    Open 3D Engine

IMO the part where the lag originates is a mucked-up implementation of “not stacking AOE effects”. It’s easy to iterate over all AOEs in the area, and with each then iterate through “actors” (i.e. player characters) and find out whether or not the actor is within the AOE. Then you call an effect function to apply the appropriate effect (healing, dmg, CC, etc) to the actor.

But when you want to ensure that an actor won’t get applied multiple calls of, let’s say, healing, it gets more complicated. There are ways to make it efficient - using metadata flags and such. And there are ways to make it very inefficient - with each iteration checking for all other AOEs the actor “might be standing in”.

Ya I know they acknowledged it was a problem and will be a rework to fix it. Just want them to stop adding new stuff to the game that makes it worse before they fix that lol. Trying to search to see which heal is your teams, can’t tell which ice to avoid or whose purple goo is whose. Just a minefield :confused:

The already have IFF colors in OPR. Shouldn’t be that hard to plug the same IFF color variables into the AOEs.

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