Stop nerfing the lifestaff!

Look here if the lifestaff is a problem in PVP, balance it in PVP. If you can add luck when flagged then you can add a 20% decrease in healing when flagged. The lifestaff is okay in PVE if anything it could be buffed. It’s pretty stupid as a healer I can’t heal debuffs off of myself.


There is humongous problems with heavy armor + life staff in PVP right now.

Pretty sure with the PTR rebalancing they fixed that.

No, the PTR is nerfing the the lifestaff in both healing output and duration of abilities. Both suck a fat one for PVE but are great for PVP.

What PVE content are you currently struggling to do with the lifestaff I’m really wondering?

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Yes, In PVP. Nothing wrong with them on the PVE side of the game.

The biggest issue with LS is Sacred Ground. That is where the focus should be. Lessen the healing it gives by probably 50% and add more healing to attack and make heavy attack heal as well.

Sacred Ground is the reason healing is broken, the other heals are not nearly as unbalanced as that one ability.

Sure this would suck for PVE, it might even force people to group up more often, wouldn’t that be weird in an MMO?!

You get more healing output in medium and light armour though, so that basically fixes the Heavy Healer bug.

Have you done an invasion? I may as well not be there as it is now.

That’s presuming all the “changes” fixed healing in heavy armor. The way light/medium armor calculates increasing in heals is calculated on stripped down base stats. So the actual increase in healing is absolute trash. There’s literally no reason to run light armor as a healer (unless you love the roll) because of how they literally coded their armor perks.

Healing a party is freaking stressful if you are the only healer. Not to mention if they don’t know what they’re doing. Scared ground for sure needs to be fixed a bit but nerfing everything else is absolutely going to rid their game of a majority of the healers.

And while I’m on my soapbox lol. Amber gems among others still don’t even seem to work correctly. Also hurting everyone (but in the case of Amber gems, healers specifically).

In my opinion they keep driving everyone to be a DPS and say screw any other role. Just an opinion but no improvements to any other weapons besides two of the most broken weapons already? If you don’t run an axe or hammer good luck lol. And nerfing the fire staff/light staff.

Just doesn’t feel like they know what they’re doing in certain aspects.

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Have you played the PTR? 30% increase in healing output along with for example a staff with +25% is quite a lot. Now you actually have to play carefully as a healer like in any other game.

I was attempting to download it yesterday however there was the whole issue of it not showing up and I had to leave.

I mean if they actually fixed the healing output with armor then I can delete half of my post lol. The issue was beforehand that the way increased healing output was calculated with the armor. It basically didn’t work.

I’ll rock light armor all day if you give me the appropriate healing buff.

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You playing a different PTR? They changed the duration of sacred ground and the healing from 20% weapon damage to 16% which they also did to other abilities. it is awful.

You still wearing heavy armour? Of course they lower the healing because they want healers to use medium or light armour to get the boost.

The issue is not the life staff and it’s abilities but the Armor Types really. Armors benefits still do not work as intended - the tooltip says one thing and the actual effectiveness of each is not even close to the tooltip values.

There are NO detriments to using Heavy Armor over light. All you lose is a roll and the damage/healing is slightly lowered compared to Light Armor. In light armor you get 2 shot easily by OP Melee weapons (that no one every calls out, but points fingers at the Life Staff).

It is ok, I can’t wait for the bills to pile on all those wipes in arenas and dungeons when healer cannot hold people alive as much, but on the bright side the DPS will have to learn to dodge properly and chug them pots better.

Unfortunately, holding all variables constant and only changing armor type the tooltips of +30/15/0 do not line up with the values that the actual healing provides. Also, healing doesn’t seem to Crit anymore (maybe it never did, just felt as if it did).

Maybe you calculate the values wrong? Did you add 30% on base?

I didn’t calculate base since I held everything constant, but if the benefit from armor only applies to the base, then there is even less incentive for lighter armor types.

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The thing that has been the issue from the beginning like Severyn and I are saying is that the tool tips say “increase to damage and healing by x%” and that’s it.

Over time most healers tested light vs heavy armor healing outputs. So one way is just swapping the armors and looking at the numbers. In this case the difference of healing output is less than 5% healing output although the tool tip would lead to l you to believe it should be reduced by 30% in heavy armor. But every healer I’ve ever talked to has said the same thing. The actual output only changes by maybe 5%.

And all the tests point to it being based upon baseline healing output with no perks or stats.

When I get home I’ll see if I can get some screenshots with different healing outputs and such.

The point we’re making is the tool tip doesn’t match what’s actually happening.

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