Stop Wars on Holidays

There should be some break for holidays, as many more obsessive and strategic companies are declaring wars slotted on Thanksgiving. If people have to sacrifice time with families to defend their territory, leadership will seriously reconsider playing this game. On our server, we have one person that organizes three companies, coordinates with the other two, and we have been quite successful. The game is fun, but now even he is talking about quitting.

The frequency or time window of wars and invasions should be slowed down because it is becoming ridiculously unstable and toxic, especially with wars scheduled on Holidays. If for example, war can be declared only once per week against a particular territory, then factions and companies will have to coordinate their best effort.

Otherwise, people are going to burn out fast, and more will just quit. This is not a healthy game environment, especially when compounded with the frequency of game-breaking bugs and freezing the markets to essentially halt progress and punish people (taxes) for playing the game.

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some snakey company did the same on our server too… scum even Hitler had a heart…