Stop with the MMORPG commandments pls!

I cant read this forum without seeing tons of people saying things like “mmorpgs are about lvling and progression blablabla” first its only a mechanic a lazy one, its easy find who only played wow or themepark mmos than a real mmo player who played a lot of games of this genre.

First let me introduce the father of the MMORPGS “ULTIMA ONLINE” (UO) in ultima (NW gives me vibes of this game) you didnt have character lvls, you only lvl up skills, the items in Pre Aos means nothing so you can fight with a weapon bought at a npc. You can fight over your horse mechanic we lose in a lot of mmos.

Why Wow was so popular in the past ? because make a MMORPG to introduce all the players, with quest because people were lost, mounts, blabla they make it the most casual experience so everyone can enjoy it so stop thinking this is another themepark game, themepark games needs tons of content because themepark players rush the content in one week and then stay in their main cities talking in general chat waiting for new activities, THATS NOT A MMORPG ESSENCE.

Having mounts or not are not important, the most important about about MMORPGS its exploring, combat and succes, i played tons of games in my 34 years old and i enjoyed all of them i dont have wow but his fandom are anoying dude, they want allways find a wowkiller, a new game and complain about the new game when its not similar as the game they know, then the new game listen to this people makes tons of changes and what happens? they rush content, starts to finds boring and resub to wow. This kind of people hurts the real comunnity of a game enjoiying it…

So if you hate things about this game like “doesnt have mounts” learn how to play this game, in New World walking is always rewarded, you can do a lot of things in your travel, like gathering, killing mobs, find good materials spots. If you find tedious walking is because you dont give to New World a try and still comparing it with others games…

Stop wanting a game take your hand and show you how to progress in real mmorpgs you jump in a world and probably waste a lot of time more than days and weeks to find what its supose to do, the quest sistem was created to help lazy players, thats why now we have games which have autowalk or automated things like this, because people are lazy and i found reading this forum in all the betas “MMORPG PLAYERS ARE LAZY AS HELL” they dont want to learn new mechanics, find new ways to play a game.

Hope AGS start to be more confident in them way to improve this game, because we are losing interesting mechanics by carebears who dont want to play a game they only want a social themepark game (go to Habbo hotel dude seriously).

Mechanics like stagger where amazing in a mmo, AGS fault was not introduce his player base and teach them how to play it, what happen ? tons of cryers who didnt want to improve and learn the mechanis cyes a river at forums and what AGS did? remove the entire mechanic a mechnic who made more sense in a game where you have active 6 skills (9 in the past) now without this PVE and PVP means nothing about skill and gameplay.

Pvp scalation appears and made me have a blast in closed beta, i played everyday 5/10 hours without unflagged me killing tons of players and dieying, learning how to improve, testing skills, builds how to counter other weapons…
What happen ? some one creates the creepy past of “A LVL 10 CAN KILL A LVL 60” a lot of people who sucks at pvp take this and converted in a “A LVL 10 DESTROYS 60s”, a lot of missinformation starts and what happen? AGS destroy the mechanic and now you can barely see people fighting in open world or they only zerg smalls groups or alone flagged players.

So let me tell you something lvling your toon means nothings if your are bad you only avoid a lot of socials events and be lonely front of your pc killing the same mobs and probably less than 5 diferents models because this games lacks in diferents mobs, thats your only goal, doing the same actions again and again, you think you deserve win all your fights? Why you cry if a lvl 20 has the opportunitie to kick your ass ? Why you think a low lvl doesnt deserve the oportunity in a pvp game to defend and kill somebody…

and now another commandment i hear a lot “MMORPGS ARE ABOUT LVLING, PROGGRES AND POWER” yes offcourse but Raul killing mobs in pve is unbrained so if you want to progress and find the power git gut, we are going to have low lvl players abusing the scalation, FALSE FALSE AND FALSE you cant stay in a lvl doing tons of pvp i lvl up 10 lvls doing only pvp in closed beta, i want to lvl up but i want to have choises, and killing mobs 24/7 is boring as hell its not a challenge, winning a pvp and receive exp its a challenge, I “waste” 2 weeks of gameplay doing pvp, theorycrafting builds, learning weapons mechanics why i dont deserve win with a lvl 30 character vs a lvl 60 character who only kill wolves and farm wood to finish quest? what kind of power is that ? the non stop rush power?

Learn how to play, how to git gud, its lvling too you dont need an experience bar in everything you do in a MMORPG to find you improve, you can be the best learning about your character, but NO! lazy people hate this, the base players of every mmo when they find a hard mechanic start crying, Knowledge is the real power always and you need to stop killing boards and use your time in learn how to play because a lvl 60 in closed beta cant be one shoted, can be easily killed he can easily fight vs more people, the good ones, the bad ones who rush content and abuse exploits en the closed beta was easily to search they die poorly becuase the lack of skills.

When you reach lvl 60 probably you have two lvl 20 weapons if you dont change a lot, a better gear with proper stats for your build, stats with unlocked nodes who gives you tons of adventage, so if you died in closed beta by a low lvl the problem is not AGS mechanis are you, you who think killing mobs thinks its the only important…

AGS stop listen this kind of people they are going to destroy your game and then probably resub to wow and start to farm mount and crye in their forum like here…

If you dont like fair battles and you dont think spend time learning how to improve is not a MMORPG commandments and want to be carried by items/lvls this game and probably mmorpgs are not for you, skill needs to mean something and this game gives you experience for doing everything so improving the PVP scalation its healthy, because in a few months we are going to have tons of fresh new players and i want to figth them in fair battle in a battle i know i can lose if i play bad so stop destroying the game, stop to thinking about END GAME!


So stop complaining about AGS doing new things about the genre, cryng about new mechanics like stagger, pvp scalation, etc etc.
Having fair battles, no mounts and hard mechanics can be mmorpgs things so stop cryng if a lvl 20 can beat you at 60we want the old pvp scalation again, because killing the same mobs means nothings and you need to stop wasting yout time lvling and start to spend it in knowledge, in learn, in git gud! Destroy the pvp scalation and being happy about this its because you probably only do pve and want a casual pvp experience where you oneshot lowies, or you are bad ass hell so you only want to be carried by your lvl and free time.

@GojuSuzi Tl;dr 2:

“WoW is not the template for all MMOs, stop asking to dumb down NW to make it like WoW and learn to play this game the way it’s designed, or go back to WoW if it’s so much better.” - that’s the crux of it.

Which is fair, if maybe harshly worded (and replace WoW with “any other MMO that people keep referencing as ‘better’ because it has mounts/arenas/no-scaling/no-stagger/whatever”). I like they’re trying different things rather than cloning easy tropes, so it’d be better to give those new things a chance rather than berate devs into caving and making the game the same as others that already exist.

If you read this sorry for my broken english and if you are another wow carebear looking for a wow killer i dont care go back to your broken game destroyed by their comunnity!


tl;dr please

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“WoW is not the template for all MMOs, stop asking to dumb down NW to make it like WoW and learn to play this game the way it’s designed, or go back to WoW if it’s so much better.” - that’s the crux of it.

Which is fair, if maybe harshly worded (and replace WoW with “any other MMO that people keep referencing as ‘better’ because it has mounts/arenas/no-scaling/no-stagger/whatever”). I like they’re trying different things rather than cloning easy tropes, so it’d be better to give those new things a chance rather than berate devs into caving and making the game the same as others that already exist.


I tryed to make a tl;dr but yours was better thanks you so much!

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Okay so, Im actually happy that NW is different than 90% of MMORPG which is good. People are weird demanding devs to copy mechanics and make it another generic MMO, for real. At least its something new/fresh


Agreed. Imagine if all FPS fans tried to turn every game into Call of Duty, or every Fighting game fan into Mortal Kombat.

Yet, most MMORPG refugees come into other games and cry because they’re not WoW or FFXIV. I don’t want your dungeon finders, cat girls, instanced content, tab combat, lack of scaling, PVE focus, butterfly mounts everywhere.

I want this game to try something different and stick to their original vision. It’s been attracting many non-MMORPG players because if we wanted to play WoW, we would be playing it already. I want this game to tread different ground.


I could be completely wrong here but, (what feels like imo) a majority of players BEING (casual) including myself. I work hours a day(like most of you) and i dont have time to walk everywhere in the game. To be told to “enjoy” the world and to “explore” yadda yadda, to those people, I have been playing NW since dev/alpha build. Not only that but i dont have hours PER day to sink into this(as i have a life, like many others) and the last thing we wanna do is “WALK” everywhere… Im not asking for some stupid rainbow puke mount, just give us a normal horse that you gotta work for and can only get at X level, with a %15 increase in speed. Again NOTHING insane or stupid, Something that fits the lore and would make sense. That is all lol.

Yes i waited more than 10 years to have good mmorpg with a real pvp, i have a blast at closed beta see a lot of people having fun in pvp, i never look the lvl of an enemy because i know i cant fight in a fair terrain. Im so mad people destroy the mechanic without giving time, now lowies cant defend a fort because one or two lvl 60 can oneshot them…
Its so sad AGS has tons of fear to stay with they wanted to do and listen the worst players base.


and that would be what PVP’ers? PVE’ers? New World devs are going the route “THEY” themselves feel is best. has NOTHING to do with “Worst players” smh… Does the community have a voice sure, but dont dam a “group” because it doesnt fit your “narrative” smh…

finally a “voice of truth”, i’m a bit pissed off about 10 same post about same questions… mods shall close most of them or put these topics in a trash-talking category… (counted 14 topic about no-mount cryers, and scrolled mousewheel only 2 times)
this forum shall be a place where share results, achievements and joy… not a cry place cause new world isn’t a wow-like mmo…

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Sorry but we see AGS who dont know what to do when they read tons of cryers, i love challenging games and for example removing staggers destroys the pvp and the pve content because its was more dark souls and not the spam clicks and use skills on cds, its was a challenge and you need to think you move and improve in every battle…
Im a Pve/pvp players and the i only do pve are the most cryers in this forum, they crye because they need to walk, seriously? this game has tons of things to do when you walk and everything is rewarded, and trust me i read tons of stupids complains in this forum…

And sorry if sometimes probably i sound agresive or impolite thats because i talk like tarzan and my english its not the best, i dont want to be rude i want to try to vent because i want to this game succes!

Its worst! Imagine people in shooters crying because a guy who played the game 1 hoursç kills them in the game, its the some ridiculous thing about crying because you killed 1231231231 boars and want to oneshot people who are good at game and crye if a lowie destroy them !

Like being carried by lvl its want to be carried in others genres by “playtime”

Naa i get that but ive been playing NW since dev/alpha days and i just dont have the hours to sink into NW. If i wasnt running my own business IRL and taking care of family n such, I’d ALL be for walking, but the quests want me to go to Point A to B then back to A to get told to get C item its like FFS?! Ya know man? Plus mobs are re-skinned at higher levels and quests are comprised of Fetch/gather quests…after about 30 some levels its gets boring fast lol. Dont get me wrong i LOVE NW, i do i enjoy the game and what it has to offer n such, But the hours in total of “walking” here n there is just… ugh ya know lol.

Indeed. “It’s an MMORPG, they are all crap at PVP and favour carebears, I want New World to be crap and unbalanced at PVP as well!” is what they’re saying.

Yes im with you the quest system seems something did it very quickly and thats because people cant play a game if the game take his hand and show them how to improve, the quest system (i dont need it) its poorly designed, if you lvl up playing the game as you wish probably were more satisfactory, but the problem its not walking its the poor questing system who makes you run thats why avoid it and only do main quest and board mission and sometimes sometimes some sidequest but questing in this game is very poor, i preffer lvling walking in the map because you win exp doing everything… I dont care if they remove the quest but the system we have now is very very poor and people who wants lore and doing quest need a better ones not mounts, thats the problem

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