Stopping Chat spam with WTS items

Hi Dev’s.

Can you guys please do something regarding the spamming of the chat with the WTS items people are listing in all the chat channels.

Either put a stop to it altogether or please create a WTS item chat section, so that those of us who do not want to read it or see it can mute it or not set it not to see the feed.

This is becoming worse than the gold sellers spamming the chat atm.



Except these buttholes will spam the global even if they have trade. Though it would be nice to have trade like a normal game you know. It would help at least a bit. The polite ones would use it

WTF of all things to complain about regarding the usage of chat you choose to make a forum post about people selling in-game items for in-game currency? But a trade chat would have been nice. People will use whatever channel is most used though.

They just need a “trade” chat, i assume this will come at one point.

stop spam forums with wts threads.

scnr :woman_shrugging: :see_no_evil:

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Yeah this whole general discussion forum is just trolls and lazy posts.

Make a legitimate concern in detail in the feedback section where it should go and where devs will see it.

I made a topic about removing the trade function and allow exchange only through trading post. I said nothing about trading channel.

Maybe if you took the time to read the post, you wouldn’t act like a trained monkey.

If there were no taxes, you wouldn’t see all that.

It is going to vary server to server. Some places taxes are bumped soo high I can understand this, some are avoiding having to fund another factions war chest. I expect you might see less of this once TP merger happen, competitive region tax will be a bigger thing.


awwwww, my bad :woman_shrugging: :upside_down_face:

They’re not spamming because there’s no alternative, they’re spamming because they literally aren’t smart enough to do something else.

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So we should all stop giving feedback about the game because you don’t like it.
Go touch grass.

All these endless WTS threads must be angry territory governors watching all their taxes being evaded.


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