Storage - Accessing Items Abroad

Aeternum is a strange place… but even stranger, you run out of space real fast.

There are some solutions here;

  1. Increase the Standing-Bonuses for each territory by at least double(50) or triple(75).

  2. Add something compared to that of the Azoth-Staff that allows the retrieval of goods from distant storage containers. (It could be a quest that tells and adds lore of what Azoth does to your body? Idk?)

  3. Teleport locations allow you to retrieve goods from the storage when the map opens, not just the ability to teleport. It might even cost Azoth to port each stack of items for and incredibly cheap price. 1 or 2 Azoth per uniquely named item. (Bringing over linen, iron, star-metal, and honey, it’s going to cost me 4 Azoth, maybe 8?)

You get the point. I agree with others that we need a solution, but I think it should be a meaningful change that doesn’t just make the game so accessible that no one runs around anywhere anymore.

But what has to be taken into consideration is how any solution might be exploited. Anyhow. You all have a great day! Time to go logging! xD

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