Storage and Trading post

Ok so
I put some orders up for sale last night, most sold but a few only partially sold the amount i listed
They have just been returned to my storage as unsold
I wander over to the Trading post to relist them, but it says i cant because:
Your storage is full capacity

Who thought that plan up then?
What do i do with full bags from gathering?
Place items on the floor for them to disappear within a few minutes?

I fail to understand how making the storage work like this is actually helpful or indeed intuitive for the game?

I like the game, really i do, but for the love of whatever i am slowly losing all reasons to actually even log in with some of these completely stupid “fixes”

Sighs and goes and puts the kettle on for a brew

storage has a 500 unique item limit.


I didnt know that
Ok, so it begs the question:
Why compile a gathering game and then limit the amount you can gather?

I am really at a loss after what 30 years of MMO’s that a little research would highlight what basics makes a game tick over

amazon isnt known for their web services or hosting capability/storage

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