Storage chest and storage broken, again?

So for the 3rd month the storage containers and housing storage remains broken but you guys keep throwing more content in???

EVERY time I log in I have to travel to every one of my houses, pick up all the storage chest and place them again so I have my full storage again, EVERY single time I log in. Storage vault shows unique items one minute then the next it’s gone. Log in and can’t craft from inventory, I have to go pull everything out of storage and then put it back before I’m able to use items to craft.

Will you guys PLEASE STOP ADDING THINGS until what you already have is fixed. Nobody wants to play a broken, glitched, exploited, laggy, desync game and adding more stuff to pacify little brain people for a few days is insane development tactics.


Our team is currently working on a fix for this and it’s posted on our Bugs Megathread with a workaround. Thanks for the report!

I’ve not had any of the issues you’ve mentioned once, nor have I experienced the recent storage bug not being doubled. This seems to be more of an isolated incident as I don’t know many/if any that have experienced your issues. So stop giving AGS grief with your agressive posts as its not helping anyone.

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I agree with him as it is an ongoing issue that makes it impossible to do any crafting or playing. To make it worse, the pick-up and replace the chest work around is not working - I went and picked up each chest and placed it again and still shows I am over weight. The work around worked yesterday; today nope… just going to log off until its fixed as I can not do anything in game…


If there is a workaround other then picking up and replacing the chests (didn’t work) post a link to this Bugs Megathread


[Megathread] New World Heart of Madness Update Bug Reporting and Workarounds for Known Issues This is the one we have.

As a callout, you need to pick up the chests, leave the house, go back in, and then place them down again.

I have heard less frequent reports of this not working but the team is actively investigating the issue.

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This is VERY annoying. ETA on a fix?


The workaround doesn’t work for long, then it’s back to bugged out. I’ve done the suggested 10 times now and I give up


Buyer beware (err work around user) I logged back in to give it another shot… however, when I placed my chests back in my house one of them disappeared… I have no idea if it’s under the house or just deleted… I have no idea how much the chests are supposed to hold now so I don’t even know if it am getting the space for it anyway…

And want happens when i need to log out and back in again and cant pick up the missing forth chest for the bug work around…


Same annoying bug, here.


double what they did

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Storage bug ( need to be replace on every login) CD bug for orb ( need to w8 134 years) Achievements refresh every login.
Aptitude crates pop up at the beginning and after every OPR.
Everyone I know have theses issues.
Quote: I have heard less frequent reports of this not working but the team is actively investigating the issue.
You know why? cuz we are tired of report the bug and feel like there is no follow up on them. You guy need a ticket system IN GAME with a number so we ca track if you even know what is going on.
I work in IT call center, I just can’t believe what is going on.
I’m getting really frustrated with every patch.
Play time on steam: 2506.7 hours.
Thanks 4 reading this.


This fix reverts itself every time I log back in. Every time I log back in, only one of my chests is counting towards max storage. It’s definitely still an issue.


Only one chest per type counts for storage, without doing the workaround. So an iron chest and stone chest both work fine, but adding a second of either will not count after you log out.

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remove all storage chests and trophies from all houses, keep in your bag, relog, put all back.

problem solved.

it works but then breaks again… pretty much right away

Same issue here

Same here
Server: Irkalla.

Nope, it doesn’t.

No matter what I do, take the 4 chests out, the trophies, keep them in inventory, relog, put them back, put the trophies back, relog, still only one chest counts.