Storage chest and storage broken, again?

Ok, the only thing that worked for me, is to have 4 different chests in the house, and they stay there.

CONFIRMED: Relogged, closed the game, came back, having unique chests in a house, it keeps the storage limit. Annoying, but it least it works.

go make a snowman you snowflake

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Can also confirm this doesn’t work for me… I even took it s step further

Removed all chests from all houses…
Teleported to another town I didn’t have a house in.
Logged out to desktop
Replaced all chests
Showed increased storage… even when I logged out and back in… is it fixed… NO, next day it’s all reset.

I thought about listing mine on the TP, then cancelling them, maybe this will launder them in some way, as I know for most this isn’t an issue, their double storage works fine.

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Same problem here.

Removed all chests from all houses…Logged out to desktop…Replaced all chests and Showed increased storage.

Server: Irkalla.

I also lost one of my chests after picking the four up, only 3 were in my bag to place back down. Somehow it was teleported to my Storage Shed. I’m glad I found it. But what a pain doing this everytime I relog and sometimes, I need to do it after porting back to my inn.

I think I found the problem.

Storage chests of the same type does not work. We have to put chests with different names at home so that the capacity is increased even after we relog.

so glad i never brought nor will ever buy a hpise in this game. Overworld bugs and glitxhes are bad enough in this game that we shouldnt have to worry about them at our homes.
yall spent effort, time, and gold to have something nice only for it to be craped on and never fixed. they should at least have an option to sell back your house if your tired of always have it glitxh out on you

Also trophies, you need to reequip it again to activate its buff

Please work faster on a fix I’m loosing items after they expire on the market cause my inventory is full cause the chests aren’t working!

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and it’s STILL broken. Are we going to have to wait for the next patch in a month for the fix? This is totally uncalled for. There should have already been a fix and it issued. We really need weekly bug fixes and then monthly updates.

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When this gets fixed e-mail and let me know so I can play again
I just can’t understand why this is not fix yet this is a very very big bug that 90% of player are having


CONFIRMED: Having unique chests in a house, it keeps the storage limit. Annoying, but it least it works. Relogged, closed the game, came back, it keeps the storage limit.

Example: One booty, one golden chest, one dynasty, one hope chest

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im sure there will be a hot fix for this, sounds like people here have found teh issue so they should be able to find a fix. it has to be some kind of naming issue.

while they’re at it maybe they can make it so four of the same chests doesn’t penalize youin decorating score. lol

@Luxendra you should tell the team to look at multiples of the same kind of chest that’s what is bugging out if you put in unique chests you wont have the storage is full bug. It looks like the game is only doubling the space for the first of a type of chest and then won’t for the rest if you have multiples. For instance my Windsward house had 4 Hope storage chests and it was only counting the first chest, I’ve since replaced 3 of my chests with other kinds of chests and now I get the proper amount of space and don’t have to worry about storage bug.


My problem is, I can’t afford more of the tier 4 chest to get around the bug of duplicate types of chest. I would be totally broke just buying 2 of them.

Yep, I have lost items that expired off the TP also because of it showing as full.

Can confirm after re-login that all chest storage is gone if you have the same kind of chests.
Great job AGS.

P. S. Just wonder who is really coding for AGS, I guess It’s students or part-time freelancers.

It’s broke for me too, using hope storage chests

Remember guys, this clown said it’s never happened to him or anybody he knows so we’re all lying and just being aggressive, not helping anybody.

This storage chest bug is happening to me and to everyone that I have talked to on my server so…