Storage Full Banner / Craft Stations not pulling from town storage

World: US-East / Eden
Char: Wyld Wyld
Everfall primarily, but also seen in MB

Bug: Storage shed displays full banner even with space left in the shed. Does not impact ability to store and I’m not at the limit amount. Just visual glitch. Validated file integrity and same issue. I also see storage shed full in other towns that I have nothing in.

Bug 2: Crafting does not always see the materials in the town storage. I don’t even have to log out to “fix” it. It seems like a 50/50 chance when I go to craft that the station will see those materials in my town storage. If it does not, I am not able to craft. Sometimes just exiting the station and coming back into it 30 seconds later works, other times I have to go to the shed, look at the inventory then go back to the station and crafting works. Other times I have to logout, log back in to resolve the issue.

This occurred over the past weekend - Feb 11-13 and was reported/confrimred by my company cohorts as well.


Can confirm this happens to me a lot too

I actually entirely emptied a shed and it still said it was full lol

Exactly the same

Happens on and off all of the time, been happnening for quite a while. Happened again today. Makes crafting very frustrating.

Yep, happened to me a couple of times in the last few days. To solve, I went to my storage shed and took anything out of the shed and then put it back into the shed. Then I could craft as normal. Before doing that, the crafting station thought I had nothing in my vaults.

Still like this tonight, very frustrating.

What is your character name in New World: Helplessss
What server/world did you experience your issue on: Vega

Same issue here, since the storage (hot)fix this occurs now and then, but since ~3 day’s it intensified to more then once per day.
Storage shed still Say’s full although it’s not.
Everfall (but that’s where my house is at so craft there the most)

Move one item from storage to inventory and back.
Disconnect from server and re-log
Quit game and start-up again (seems to work longer than the one above)

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