Storage is saying full while not full

  • Character Name: William Sillardy
  • Issue that occurred: cannot transfer items from inventory to storage
  • Time and Date: 01:00 am 20/10/2021
  • World/Server: Nav
  • Location where issue occurred: Brightwood storage shed
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: while transfering certain items to storage
    I cannot transfer random items from inventory to storage and getting announcment that it cant fit while storage has clearly enough space to hold it. Meanwhile other items of same weight can be transfered.

This may be better in the bug forums, Not the fedback forums.

can i transfer it somehow?

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This should help

Ran into this back in during testing.

There’s both a weight and item count limit on storage. I forget what the item count limit was but there were definitely times were I had the weight capacity available to store items but couldn’t move them to my shed.

I did figure it out. Its 400 unique items per storage. Its silly. Especially when you want to have all items in one city. I did plan to have all three houses in same city to do that. But with that unlogical system its not doable.

wow this is quite arbitrary.

That sounds about right. Never did figure out why AGS chose to design storage that way or if it was just a technical limitation.

If I recall correctly, I ran into the issue when crafting was changed and all of the crafting additions were made. They weighed very little but there are a TON of them.

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