Storage Issue: post march patch

After patch, the storage chests indicated that they doubled, but storage space is showing full.

I have two houses, one in BW, one in WW - each has 4 Hope Chests in them. Should now be a base of 4 x 800 = 3200 storage + town base. However both locations see less than they had pre-patch.

As a test I picked up the chests in one house and placed them again. The storage amount with 3 or 4 chests did not change.

My WW house should have 3200 plus the town storage of 1275. Instead it shows 2175 total storage.

so every time we log in, we have to do this? Seems like it is not a workaround if I have to do it every session. It makes my house/town storage unusable. Log out last night I have 500 available space, log in this morning and I’m over storage by 1500.

So is this a bug being worked or is the expectation the workaround of picking up your chests, exiting the house and putting them back down the fix until the April patch?

same here… storage was supposed to double but instead it… was reduced by half?

I have 6 years of experience as a software QAer if y’all want to offer me a job

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