Storage issue - says full when not full

My storage capabilities are showing I have storage room but when I go to put items in my storage it is saying it is full.

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Hi @atweinthal ! :cat:

I’m sorry that you’re having issues with the storage room.

We can have Steam verify that the game’s files are installed correctly on the computer, you can follow the steps bellow:

Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files :video_game:

Let’s verify if there is a bug in the game or a game file that is not working.

Please let me know if you still have this issue after that and I can escalate this for you. :mage:

Steam says all files verified

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Hello @atweinthal! Hope you’re doing great!

I was reading your post and I thought about this other collaboration from several players about this issue. Would mind take a look?

Let me know if it helps, otherwise, we’ll try something else :smiley:

thank you

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My storage capabilities are showing I have storage room but when I go to put items in my storage it is saying it is full.

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None of you are experiencing bugs. There is a storage SLOT limit. You only have so many SLOTS.

If it shows you have (weight) room in your storage and you cannot deposition anything you have RUN OUT OF SLOTS.

The message displayed says this but people don’t pay attention. You can easily test it by removing an item and depositing another (within weight).

The problem is the STORAGE SHED does not display SLOTS available. So this leads to confusion.

You seem to be correct sir. THANK YOU. -
PS: That is stupid as shit

odd… I can’t add any more chest pieces to my storage, I remove a chest piece from my storage so I can add in the one from my inventory, except now I can’t put both pieces in my storage (half full)

So what’s the point of having more storage space if it still get’s full before it’s full?

Also I’ll have some arcana items that wont let me put it in my storage, just a quantity of 1, 0.1 weight- except I can add specific arcana items but not others… it’s odd. there seems to be a bug of some sort but I can’t put my finger on it… I tried to take items out for more slots to be available but it still tells me it’s full. it’s weird.

Again, there is no bug. You are adding to a SLOT stack not making a new item SLOT. You very likely had items overflowing from the TP that expired, hence you were over your SLOT limit but have WEIGHT space.

Either way, remove the item slot limit if there is going to be a storage limit(weight) as well. Remove this “Limit” and keep it souly as a weight limit instead. imo there shouldn’t be 2 limits to worry about considering you can get storage size increase from settlement upgrades. You can be well under the weight limit but still at cap storage due to the amount of smaller items being considered.

Thanks for the CAPS. it helps me READ!

again, there shouldn’t be a limit to slots and weight if you can upgrade your storage space with settlement bonuses… it’s a stupid mechanic that DOES have BUGGY features… as I stated above, I removed my chest piece to see if I could swap the one from my inventory to the storage, yet now I can’t put either or in my storage lolol… I mean LOLOL

100% agree. One or the other.

If they insist on both, give us a slot counter and increase our slots with each chest.

The bottom line here is that “inventory slots” is a mechanics we’re not made aware of until it has become a problem. Never once is the concept hinted at or explained.

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it seems as if they wanted to limit how much per section of items, Arcana, Gems, Gear, Weapons etc etc. but it’s a lame mechanic when they have upgradable storages through settlements.

except now I have gear from the same storage (after taking it out) that wont go back in lol

If your bags have weight reduction perks, this will affect storage capacity because the weight of the item in your bags is less than what it is in storage.

Alternatively, this could be a slot issue as storage counts items but bags do not.