Storage Shed - Max Space/ Weight Restriction

I’m not filling out your card. I’m putting this in bugs because either it is a bug or its just a stupid mechanic or oversite on the dev’s part. Either way this needs to go away.

“The item cannot be transfered because of max space and weight restrictions”

I busted my ass to buy a level 4 house within the first few weeks of playing to get the max number of storage chests. I picked cards to increase my storage in the same town & grinded my way in furnishing to make myself Iron Chests (still working my way up to make the starmetal ones).

Why did I do this? So I could have 1 location with huge storage and not have to worry about the cost of azoth and gold to transfer stuff back and forth between settlements because I like to craft everything & keep things in a central location. I am sure there are many other people in the same or similar boats. (I know some people like to have seperate storage sheds for things - and that’s fine. I just can’t play that way, so for me - level 4 house with storage chests & storage perks.)

What is the point in getting any further storage if I get this stupid message when I try to store my goods? And bonus, since my shed is “full” even though it hasn’t hit max weight, I can’t actually post new items on the trade post (which I know I can remove 1 single item and make it so I can, but I shouldn’t have to - it’s not full).

AND to top it all off - there isn’t actually any place that tells you what the max space is! Just some made up number that doesn’t appear anywhere or you’re told that exists until you hit the plexiglass ceiling.

“Why do you need so much stuff?” Don’t you stuff shame me!!! (hahaha). Most of the stuff can be sold but isn’t worth the fees on the trading post to post a small amount, so I hold on until I can either craft random stuff and use up the odds and ends or get enough to make it worth posting to the trading post. I should be able to shove 2,500 units of weight in my storage shed, no matter if it is 1 item that weighs 2,500 or 12,500 eggs or 25,000 feathers.

Solution? Remove the stupid max space limit.

TLDR: Remove the stupid max space limit.

Summary: Remove the stupid max space limit.

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You probably should have filled out the card, because your post gives no real details of what you’re experiencing. It sounds bad, but no idea what your actual issue is.

From your picture, I would guess you’re talking about the skinning trophy stuck in your inventory. Due to a furniture duplication bug discovered on 11/14, transferring furniture directly from inventory has been disabled. You’ll need to place it in a house, then pick it up to move it to storage.

If you mean something else, I would suggest describing the issue, instead of just how you’re affected.

Maybe read the title of the post and read the post itself instead if trying to guess based on the image? It’s not a picture book, and if you didn’t bother to read the whole thing, try pairing the title with what’s shown in the picture and the one line solution, tldr or summary I gave at the end.

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