Storage shed transfer not working

Hi guys,

anyone else experiencing the issue, that he is unable to transfer items from a territory to the current location, even if both territories are under your faction control? On my server, my faction the marauders hold everfall, windsward and monarchs bluffs. Iam standing in monarchs bluffs and want to transfer items to everfall. But it keeps telling me that this is not possible?! The ingame help states clearly “you can transfer items to and from other territories that are under your faction’s control”

What am I doing wrong?

Error message iam getting is: “you can only deposit items to the storage shed at your current location”…and that is the exact opposite of the ingame help…

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Anyone here that can explain this to me? Is it a bug or is transferring to a storage in another territory not possible?

This didn’t work in Beta, no news about it. Think they didn’t implement it yet. Or village must be at a specific lvl.

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according to people on my server’s faction chat, it seems to only work if the same company controls both zones. by right it should just need to be the same faction. not sure if bug or feature ¯\(ツ)

EDIT: you can withdraw items from another town that your faction controls, but you cannot remotely deposit items


My case is even more severe, my items are in limbo, not in my pocket and not in my storage, they just went “poof” in the air and I can’t seem to find them!!!

I get the storage transfer option when controlling territories…but

They really need to add the option to view storage when you click on a town from the map…not that you can access it to move stuff or anything…just simply view the contents…it’s a nightmare when you have stuff stored in numerous towns and would make it a lot easier to find the specific items you are looking for without going to each town.

I’m too lazy too create a spread sheet and have to spend the time to keep it updated. A view only option would solve a lot of headaches.

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You should be able to transfer shed items between locations that belong to your faction. This is why they should have made the maintenance 24 hours instead of 7…

Thats already possible. When you open the map and click on a town in the territory there is an option “my storage” which will show you the storage shed of this town. This will show you all the items stored but it wont show you the amount of space that is used in the storage.

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