Storage Shuffling and my thoughts on improvements

Another early morning musing :slight_smile: This time on storage. This weekend I undertook my umpteenth storage shuffle, moving stuff from the storage yard in one settlement through to the yard in others so that I can actually do some crafting in a sensible fashion. It’s something we’ve probably all done multiple times and likely do multiple times again and it got me thinking - what is the actual issue with storage? It’s a system that appears in other games that doesn’t seem to generate the same amount of housework or frustration as it does in NW.

My feeling is that the biggest issue is that the basic weight multiplier is 0.1 rather than 0.01. This basically isn’t enough granularity to determine between two feathers and a lump of stone. It means that items that you quite legitimately require a stack of hundreds or thousands of, consume a crazy amount of weight. Within the game this results in full storage yards and having a high encumbrance fast travel cost.

Now, I’m fairly sure that changing the weight multiplier would actually require a massive amount of work (it affects storage yards, bags, armour brackets and you’d need to review the weight of thousands of items). I’m also not sure that simply increasing the available weight in yards and bags is a good solution - some things should be heavy and use a lot of space like armour, weapons, ore, planks etc.

So here’s a few thoughts - as always, I’m not expecting everyone to agree, but it’s always good to get a bit of conversation going.


First off, the elephant in the room and that’s ammunition - arrows and cartridges. You can only equip 500 of each (at zero weight) and it’s not difficult to burn through 500 in a couple of hours. A spare stack weighs 50 because each arrow/cartridge has a weight of 0.1 (so not only costs to use the weapon, but costs extra to fast travel). A few potential lines of thinking that would solve this issue.

  • update the bag perk so that rather than reducing the weight of ammunition by 9%, it’s actually 90%. This would solve the carry weight issue, but you’d still struggle with spare stacks in the storage yard
  • (my preference), rather than engineers creating a 50 items a piece, they instead create a quiver/bandolier weighing 0.5 each. Each quiver/bandolier is a chest object containing 50 arrows/cartridges of whatever type. That would mean that 10 quivers would weigh 5 and provide access to 500 arrows
  • increase the stack size to 1000. You’d still have inherent issues with the weight, but at least you could equip enough to actually last an evenings worth of play!

Light Weight Items

Looking at my own storage yards and in most places, the majority of my yard’s available space is consumed by: Crafting Mods; Refining Reagents; Arcana (mainly Motes); Feathers/Gunpowder/Saltpeter. They’re all items that arguably are both small and lightweight. One other thing that these items all have in common is that you don’t actually want or need to carry these about on your character. In fact most of us will want to drop these items off at an appropriate storage yard as soon as possible.

My feeling is that for these items, we need some kind of Storage Yard perk that reduces the weight of them types a bit like we can get perks on our bags to reduce some items. I think that all storage yards need to start off with this for Refining Reagents & Craft Mods at a minimum. This should be a fairly high reduction, starting off between 75% and 90%.

This idea is also very expandable - some settlements could offer a bigger weight reduction for some items. Maybe furnishers could add a perk to a chest, craft special items for your house or create Storage Yard expansions you slot into your shed. Maybe at set reputation points they improve.

Stack Weight

One system that I’ve come across in other games is that individual units don’t have a weight, instead the stack has a weight along with a maximum stack size (which we do have). To this end maybe a stack of potions weighs 2, but you can have up to 10 in a stack. The biggest downside of this, is that you may end up with a really busy inventory and singular items of a stack weigh a disproportionate amount.

Weight revisions

There’s a number of items that need to have their weight’s revised. Potions at 0.5 are crazy heavy and recipes & schematics could easily be zero weight without any implication. I’m sure there are many more that just need a small tweak.

Crate them up

A pretty simple idea - allow us the option to crate up items into a chest. Make it available from a camp or settlement to consolidate our fire motes into a fire mote chest that can contain up to 1000 motes and weighs a static amount for each chest for something minor like a bit of rawhide and green wood.

Well that’s the bulk of my musings! I believe that some of my ideas would help to make the storage yard/inventory management bit of the game feel a lot less like a necessary chore, but without it requiring a massive overhaul of the game.

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