Storage space Problem

How am I able to carry as much on my body as I can put in my storage shed. I think the storage shed needs to be atleast double what the max bag carry is. I hate being in a gathering groove to have to stop and craft just to make room. I wanna go out gather come back throw that shit in the shed and head right back out. I think it’s way more fun when you can spend a lot of time in town instead of these mini sessions to raise your skills.


You have storage in every town, it is a lot of space. You can buy house and increase storage too …

Hello, the only problem with the storage is that they are not all united, forcing us to constantly move from one to another from one city to anoter.
Is a questionable choice in an MMO in 2021, especially this one where the world is literally full of resources, and each territory has its own specific resources


Been doing that all evening, it’s driving me crazy.

What you need my friend is better storage management. Do not put everything in one town, diversify your crafts. Leave all wood crafting in 1 town, food in another etc.

I still keep everfall as my main hub where i dump everything after gathering, but when things start filling up, I move arcana stuff to WW, food to monarchs and wood to Brightwood.

And you don’t even need big houses, i have a T2 in EF and T1s in WW and Weavers. Storage has never been an issue.

I keep my inn up in shattered mountain and also use that for a on-the-fly hub. I use the outposts nobody uses to store large quantities of either ori ore or wirefiber, anything I don’t need atm but might in the future.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: Traveling to places to move goods around is just part of the game, you are supposed to use the game systems and azoth to do it.

Made a post along this lines the other day. One idea I muted in that thread was that certain items could “use” less weight when put in your storage shed vs when you carry them. So a 90% reduction in weight of all refining reagents for example.

One thing that could be improved is the relationship between furnishing items (such as cabinets) and housing furniture related to items weight. For example: Refining Cabinet that reduces 50% reagents weight in storage, so you can make some usable items from furnishing other than some trophies and chests.
This could make furniture in your house more appealing to get. If you just put the chests and trophies, your home works just as a 300k decorated house with the same buffs and chests.
Furniture is kinda simplistic.


This is a great idea, have specific type of furniture for each class of storage item, like food items, weapon/armor racks, etc. That all provide % discounts for those item type weights.


My storage in EF and EB are twice the capacity of what I can carry on my person.

Edit for clarification: each location can hold more 3000. I can only carry ~1500 on my person.

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