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I just wanna say how annoying it is that i cant list stuff on the AH when my storage is full and i cant pull everything out and walk over to TP and list it that way due to getting immobilised (I play the market game for a little bit of income). When you have 3000 weight over your storage limit from buy orders and u obviously cant carry that cause you cant move you kinda get yourself in a pedicamin where u cant list thing on the AH to remove that weight and u cant take it out otherwise your stuck there unable to move or unable to put thing back in the storage.
So i then have to askj a nearby guildie to hold a stack of crap so i can list thing on the AH then pick them back up its kinda annoying.
Could we atleast have some movement speed no matter the weight we have can be like 20% of current movement speed when encumbered just give us something so we cant be placed in a situation where u relay cant do anything to rectify the issue


I quit the game for this reason. If they ever remove the pointless limits on storage shed restrictions I will come back… Just keeping an eye out for that change.

Why are there limitations on storage sheds? It doesn’t make sense now that they have made the auction house global.

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i dont realy have an issue with the weight on it, the fact is i put a bunch of buy order up on the AH overnight and log in and if i remove items from the storage to make room so i can sell it my character can then not move which means i need to find somone to be a mule so i can move and list thing on the AH and grab the stuff back.
The problem is i get immobilised since i cant list thing on the AH due to storage being full. If i can list thing when storage is full to clear up space in the storage or abe able to move in some super slow form then it fine

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Yeah same thing happened to me. So I got frustrated and started thinking about how much that was interfering with my ability to “enjoy” the game. Then I started wondering why have the limitations at all, regarding storage shed space? Why would you want to add something to a game that makes things more difficult or possibly frustrating for your players? You might argue that it adds some sort of challenge to the game.

But ‘challenge’ is somewhat of a subjective word. Ask yourself this, would you like the game less if it did not have a limit on the storage space in your sheds? My guess would be, probably wouldn’t even notice. allowing you to focus on the fun and important parts of the game.
My point is that it’s just not necessary to even have this restriction in the first place. As you continue to play the game you will ultimately be collecting more and more items. Eventually leaving you with full sheds and just causing more distracting game mechanics that don’t add any “fun” challenges.

Just my two cents.

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