After Patch storage/items

Ok. Forgive formatting because I’m on mobile.

So this patch has made all items/storage a little wonky.

Any items you gathered/made Before Patch (BP), you can’t see at crafting stations if you have them in storage, you have to have them in inventory. This goes for putting them on Trade house as well.

Any items you made/gathered After Patch, can be seen at crafting stations if in storage.

BP items become AP items if gained from the Trading post, or if traded in person to a player. Dropping them on the ground does NOT work.

BP and AP items do not stack.

Hope this helps some people.

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There is a known issue related to this that they are working to fix:

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Yep, and I’m explaining some work arounds and what’s up for the many people who keep asking stuff.

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Thank you. Figured out most of this through testing, but wanted to add, for the non-stacking issue, if you use the store all feature (into your storage) it will stack all of the non stacking items together. However, it looks to make them be considered a Before Patch item and any new of the same wont stack with the rest.

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