Store Items, Black Dye and Current items not displaying correctly on character

In-game Store items:

In regards to the in-game store items, I am perplexed why there hasn’t been a “Musketeer” set within the store by now. I feel like the team misses the opportunity to include one since the current timeline of New World resembles that of colonial times where the Musketeer garb is one of the most iconic uniforms in the colonial era. Furthermore, the Musketeer uniform is exceptionally amazing when you’re running around with a Musket, Hatchet and or Bow. The current Musketeer set can be bought and sold on the TP, however, the gear score alone can be up to 600GS which is displayed as a T5 common (grey) wear on the player and provides no stats. I really think the whole Musketeer set in the in-game item Shop would be a huge success, I for one would love to purchase and own my own Musketeer uniform set.

Black Dye:

To this day I’m confused why we can’t craft or purchase black dye. Is Black Dye exclusively only for made Shop items that display black in color dye? I feel since we can make every other color of the rainbow and in between, Black Dye should also be included. What is the reason or stipulation why Black Dye has not been included for the cooking recipe? Could Black Dye be part of the Store items for purchase at some point? Can anyone explain why Black Dye has never been part of New World even though we have the pigments to craft it?

Current items not displaying on player correctly:

I understand the Team is hard at work to ensure the icon items displayed on gear and weapons resemble that are on the player when equipped. I have thought about this a bunch of times why my Firevine Battlestaff from Garden of Genesis does not even look like the icon when displayed. It’s displayed exactly like the Twitch Drop Raven’s Revenge from 7 months ago. This goes the same with Blackguard’s Spear that looks exactly like Lush Armament when applying the skin. Many of these drops including gear do not look like the icon when displayed on the character. It was very disappointing when I received my Tempest Heart chests during the quest line to see how amazing the weapon skins look, hoping the Blackguard’s weapons looked the same. Very disappointing at that. The chest items look so good, yet, the stats on them are atrocious to where they are only good to look at. I don’t understand what, how or who at NW Team that inspects or approves of these and many other items have ensured “what you see is what you get” so to speak. Kinda demoralizing seeing that amazing skin on the Firevine Battlestaff with the colors included only to look exactly like a Twitch drop from 7 months ago and many others that follow the same pattern. Blackguard’s Hatchet look exactly like a regular common grey hatchet picked up from a Level 1 mob. I sincerely hope at one point, NW Team can take a dive into this and correct a bunch of wrongs into rights. Perhaps include some “visual corrections” in the “Tuning and Balance” updates into the future.

I too would like to know where exactly the black dye is. It’s honestly mind boggling that the dye that is the singularly most used in every single game that has ever had a dye system doesn’t exist.

Can we please get this added?

Why people are so obsessed with Black Dye ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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