Store Skins addition?

I was wondering if anyone knew if and when they planned on adding new armor/weapon skins to the store? Thanks.

they are actively asking for suggestions on themes / skins so Id assume withing the next few months you’ll see more additions.

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i am not a big dresser but I do like something different. I hope they aren’t like the white set, not too in the big and flashy.

Are they? Didn’t know they were looking for suggestions. Interesting. Well hopefully the store doesn’t become rampant with silly additions that makes no sense asthetically to the lore. I’d rather not see fluffy pink tigers and people wearing cat masks with black stockings running all over Aternum.

I at least hope AGS have the sense to retain their theme. Take inspiration from the attire selection from the 1700’s which they have done so already. Is a great theme with so much variety of clothing and wear they could introduce that is unique for sure. Either paid content or otherwise tbh.

Will be interesting to see what is added outwith what we already know is coming :stuck_out_tongue:

i just want my skeleton outfit already :c

There are a lot of skins in the outfit designer that aren’t in the store yet. Maybe just waiting for Halloween to drop some more

I hope they arnt too wacko, but to me the white set that in there is too wacko for my tastes, it reminds me of some of the armor in wow with the idiotic shoulders and crazy azz helmets.

Yep, I would agree, far too medieval looking tbh imv, given compared to the range of armour and clothing that is in the game already. Is a bit out of place.

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