Stormcourt Fields Hunt Bugged/Broke

I picked up this quest from the faction rep. It tells me to hunt Thunderking Tigers around the fields and skin them. As I proceeded to the area designated there was no such tiger to be found. Only Ebonscales tigers. I looked everywhere with no such luck. I am unable to complete this mission. I abandoned it and selected another. Please take a look into this. Thank you.


Same issue for me. Could only find Ebonscale Tiger in the area that was marked on the map.

I want to punch the new world developers in the face for literally not play testing the faction missions even ONCE… this is pathetic… how in the actual fuck do you put a quest in that is impossible to complete… oh thats right… you literally dont test the god damn fucking thing.

Sorry not sorry for my language but come the fuck on this is getting absolutely fucking pathetic.


This is because they literally do not spawn there…

Like they only spawn in the cave i marked in my post.

This quest wasn’t play tested a single time… how pathetic is that…


Same problem here. AGS needs to get their shit together and fix this stuff or this game will die fast. People are getting REALLY pissed at all the ridiculous and EASY TO FIX bugs that AGS REFUSES to fix. About half the players have left already. I guess they think they have our money and there is no need to actually FIX THE GAME! But they may find themselves in BIG trouble when people start demanding their money back en masse.

Lol game wasted my time running around that quest marker looking for the right tiger. Good game testing…

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there’s a couple of faction quests like that in mournindale also.

Also killing those tigers marked on the map above does not count towards the quest, so this quest is not possible to complete.

I am having same issue with the Stormcourt Fields Hunt. The tigers are Ebonscale Tigers in the marked area and do not count for the quest.

Yep, still the same issue, after this latest 1.0.5 update.


THUNDERKING Grotto just near west of Ebonscale but bug or indication not fixed …

I figured I would try this mission again and came back to my post to see if this has been fixed. Nope, still broke.

a friend got it today, still broken.

I have this same defect, cmon this is a bad fail…

got it today, still bugged, tracker still send you nowhere near where the quest is, and when you go to the spot where Thunderking Tigers spawn, they do not count any progress for the quest.

just created a “Bug report” for this quest in the proper section, I hope that feedback will be processed, or at least acknowledged a bit faster.

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