[Story Spoilers]Anyone else feeling like the story is just starting to get interesting?

The lore so far for being up to level 30 is so interesting. We were part of a ship and crew that was to explore this island. Something went wrong and we washed ashore with nothing but the clothes on our backs.

We come to at a beach and fight what I believe is the unlucky crew members that passed away. Then having to fight our captain who became a monster.

After arriving on the mainland proper, we are told that we need to live and fend for ourselves. We get to a town and start doing just that. Trying to find a place where we can start over, we get to know the town and it’s people by helping out with their problems. Then we pick sides out of our ideologies from the 3 main factions in order to not be alone.

Then comes the Fisherman. The Hermit he is known by the town leaders. He warned them of the corruption that plagued the island, yet he was shunned away as one would a rambling old man. We meet him to find out what he know about the corruption and any ways to stop it. He sends us on a chase that would slowly open his past to us.

He was a Soulwarden. They were sworn to be a beacon of light in the darkness against the corruption. Unfortunately, they all perished in their fight. Only Yonas remained, a broken man. He tried to bury the past until we came along and unknowingly pledged ourselves to the Soulwarden’s cause. In doing so, we did lose a lot. Yet we gained what we needed, the power to stop the corruption. Now it is just Yonas and I, 2 Soulwardens who are looking to a brighter future for Aeternum.

I’ve been playing on voice chat nearly all the time, so I’ve breezed past most of the story. I’m now beginning to regret that, as the world is starting to feel quite mysterious and interesting (what are the big stone spheres everywhere? What are big four-armed split-face statues? etc).

Does the story present you as the ‘one’ Soulwarden? If so, that’s incredibly annoying. I don’t know why MMOs do this… I’m not the ‘chosen one’ if literally every other of the hundreds of thousands of players are doing the same quest. Especially as you can see the other players interacting with the quest giver. Much better to present you as ‘one of the chosen ones’ etc.

It’s not that Soulwardens are an exclusive crew. it’s just that not ONE of the townspeople, or faction agents, tried to talk to Yonas. To figure out he was the last Soulwarden, and to take a leap to join a dying breed as it were. Yonas even says that to become a Soulwarden, you lose a part of yourself.(Kinda like Grey Wardens from Dragon Age)/

Also, when we leave him(to get to level 30(if people weren’t already lvl 30) He said that he needs to get numbers to join the Soulwardens, so we gotta recruit from the factions~

Ah I see. That’s cool.

Yes, the story does seem more interesting than I initially gave it credit for.

Did you know about the love story of Everfall? These NPC’s all have great lore put in them. I just wish I was a hella good writer to paint a cool picture.

Haven’t discovered that one yet :slight_smile:

I should spend more time adventuring on my own to appreciate this stuff.

I wanted to ask people about the story and this was the most recent post about it.
I’m curious about the people before the regular humans came to the island, but there’s no spoiler tag here, is there?


There is someone describing a vision, where he/she is seeing the original four armed dudes and servants working for them, carrying a statue.
I’m curious about this part of the story.
So there are at least 2 races and probably another faction, because things had gone wrong. One of the races, the servants, are still there as the undead, but they also might be part of the ‘other faction’.
The main race has disappeared completely, except for their architecture.

The obelixes have some function and that function went bad. They were harnassing the same energy/power, which is causing the corruption now.
Maybe it’s like some people said… a sort of Garden of Eden. They were the protectors, using the energy to create life. Someone wanted something else, causing the current situation.
So I am wondering… what happened to the four armed dudes. Were they hunted out of existence, or did they dissappear trying to remedy/fight the corruption (similar to the Dwemer in Elderscrolls). Why are there no zombie four armed dudes (not too high a level, but I’ve looked up the enemies; there’s none?)
And what caused the conflict. Simple regular corruption and 1 four armed dude simply messed up, were it humans, or was it something else?

In the statues of the four armed dudes their head is always split in the middle. I am quessing this has something to do with it, as someone else remarks that it’s great craftmanship.

Ahhh thank you for the recap. I seriously had no clue what the story was even about tbh (not kidding at all). I knew we were ship wrecked and exploring a “new world” etc. but otherwise, I am not feeling really any lore etc. I am level 30 and I wouldn’t call it interesting since I didn’t even really know what was going on. No cut scenes except the initial one doesn’t help. Along with the boring basic quests imo it doesn’t really tell a story either. I am not a fan on tons of cut scenes like FFXIV, but to really push the story it would be nice to have some throughout leveling from some of the story quests.

The lore is fantastic, amazon games done a really good job. There’s full immersion. If you have read the manga you’d know what I meant.

I haven’t encountered this story yet. What level/what region was this?

I find the story to be completely bland and forgettable. It’s like Greedfall, but worse and less fleshed out.

Honestly, is anyone remembering any remarkable NPCs? Or names of specific locations that are lore-heavy? Yeah, me neither. The lore and story feels like an afterthought, written by a college student during lecture because he was bored.

Even if it’s, storytelling is dreadly awful.
But i think story is also bad. Its just too cliche. Everyone turns to undead because of some mysterious magic. And we have to fix it.

It happened million times.

I find the main story to be your usual last of the super-special warrior plot you get in a ton of fantasy fiction.

The side stories are actually interesting.

the story didnt get me enough to make me want to bother with it. It’s too cookie cutter a story i feel like im a nephelem from D3 (yea i went there) we dont even have the villain out there front and center, very little info on the corruption other than its bad and its magic with a bad magic lady we know little to nothing of. They might want to hire writers and drop some story DLC asap. PvP can only keep your attention for so long.

Sorry, I’m a bit late.
I’ve read parts of the blue notes, you can find, but they got uploaded to a website.

I’ve kinda figured out the four-armed dudes are actually mechanical beings. (another story somewhere, where they talk about the small spheres inside the body instead of a heart).
Power fell out and the mechanical dudes stopped working / fell apart in time. Biological beings kept getting resurrected.
Would count for the fact we can’t find any of the four armed dudes, because they’d just be seperate stone body parts here and there.

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