STR not adding up correctly

  • What is your character name in New World: BEEZWAX
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Bifrost
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Strength points are not adding up correctly when wielding a War Hammer. I should be getting 302 STR when I have a +30 STR War Hammer equiped, but I’m getting 287 STR (see image).
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Not getting the 300 STR buff when wielding a War Hammer.
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: No
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: See post bellow.
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: I equiped different +30 STR War Hammers, but I’m getting the same problem.

If you have your sword & shield sheathed, you do not get the stack bonus from the shield. And no this is not a bug, it is working as intended

When my weapons are sheathed I have 287 STR.

Sword + Shield = 30 STR
Warhammer = 30 STR
It should be the same.

o escudo tem um bug. quando você troca de arma os atributos dele somem, já está nos " bugs conhecidos" isso é terrível.

This me having a +30 STR a Great Axe and a +30 STR Warhammer equiped, and no shield.

I’m wielding the War Hammer in this screenshot.

like i stated before, the reason why its 15 points off is because when your sword & shield is sheathed you DO NOT get your shield bonuses aka your 15 STR points. This was there so that other players wouldn’t equip a shield to get bonuses even if they weren’t using it. They, the devs, should implement putting all the stats on the sword to get around this.

Well then you should get that bonus, because you have a sword equiped in the first place, even if its sheathed or not. Thats just stupid and a broken mechanic.

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sim, é horrível, mas é um bug que espero que seja resolvido

i agree the shield should apply its perks only when u have a sword equipped but we will see if/when that gets implemented


also its not a bug, it has been stated in the forums by Kay, a dev, that it was a design choice

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eu vi esse comentário, porém também está na parte de “bugs conhecidos”.
Mas ainda que seja “design choice” é horrivel para os tanks do game.

espero que isso mude

Thats seems like really really sloppy design.
People with Sword and Shield basicly get debuffed when wielding their secondairy.

Okay here is a quote from them but i also agree it wasnt a very good choice

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i also think its probably for the best not to have a rapier/bow user have a shield that they arent using and getting the buffs from it

Would be nice if they putt a bit of priority on that.
Just make it so that when you have a Sword slotted, you get the stats.
Doesn’t seem that hard to fix I’m assuming.

Obviously you would only get the stats if you also have a sword equipped…

Or sheathed. I you have a +30 STR Great Axe sheathed, you still get the stats.
With Sword & Shield it basicly gets cut in half.

Yeah I meant having a sword in either of your weapon slots even not active.

Devs too busy nerfing bow to even attempt to fix SnS :frowning:

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