Streamer selling new world mod

So modding is allowed? Hes selling localization mod and the overwolf minimap addon in a bundle for weeks now. He’s on US-WEST Diranda

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omg This is crazy

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I understand the issue that a streamer is selling an addon but unfortunately I don’t understand the images you provided, are you able to translate them maybe? Also can you please specidy further what this addon does.

Looking forward to your reply! Take care! :smiley:

a lot ppls using minimap and its legal whats problem here?

@Hunden It’s language localization mod, it turns the game english text(menu, skill etc)into chinese, just wondering if this is allowed, can someone get banned from this, oh and hes using the overwolf minimap addon too.


Thanks for your response! As of right now the Overwolf minimap addon is fine, as seen here. I will research about the language mod, I have never seen that before if I am honest.

Once I am done researching I will let you know what I found out.

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@Hunden any update on the issue? thanks in advance.


Why are you so upset with this? It looks like legit work to me, the man translated the game into a different language and is selling his work as an addon, there are no advantages to players using his mod. The question is not if it’s allowed or not to sell game modifications but rather why did you invest so much time into this? Jesus… play your game and chill.

dude, all I’m trying to do is to confirm if this is allowed, I’m not upset or trying to get anyone banned, I made the title misleading because I wanted the mod to check out my post, theres tons of player that doesn’t speak english and want to play this game. everyday theres people asking me why there isn’t chinese language support in this game, amazon hating on chinese? I just want an answer will people get banned by using this mod, that’s it.

Hi @ongbak!

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I just got a confirmation that this mod to translate to Chinese is not authorized yet. So I wouldn’t recommend using it.

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