Strength attribute point bug

So I’ve invested heavily in strength for my character - strength was over 50, and I am level 26. At some point, I checked my attributes tab, and I noticed strength was WAY lower than it should have been (it was 29). I couldn’t figure out why that one stat seemed to be an anomaly, so I respecd to see if I could just reallocate my points. Here’s what my character looks like respecd:

Obviously something is wrong here. You can see I have purple and blue lines for all the other attributes, but none for strength. To double check, I looked at my shield - it should be providing +2 strength, yet it is obviously not reflected in the attributes tab:

does anyone know what’s going on here? I’ve tried deleting some localdata files to no avail. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

The shield only gives you the bonus when you have your weapons raised and with a sword equipped

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