Strength builds are dead if compared to dexterity and intelligence

Have to be happy in your lane.

When I go into wars as a light ranged an get flanked by a melee skirmisher group and they were allowed by our bruisers to get through yup we going to die bad.

If Im in an open field with unlimited ability to kite a lumbering 2 handed Heavy I’m going to do my best to not get hit once. As that 1 hit can just be the end of it. He will die to a thousand stings.

Be happy in the lane you chose.

Hammer Spear and sword don’t game any gap closing. Hatchets Feral Rush is a short leap and very poor at this since it has a long self stun animation at the end that negates any gap it closed.

They need to give Hatchet back it’s higher movement speed with berzerk before the nerfed it and redesign the throwing tree to be more useful for pvp modes of content.

Str builds have been the meta for 2 solid months. They’ll still be the meta after these changes.

Congrats on playing the OP build OP.

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I play a musket, I use a rapier, a spear, a small hatchet with the second weapon
in 2 months I realized that the DEX user would not be able to kill an equal STR user, and now I just run away from the ax with a hammer without engaging in close combat, the same is true for the healstaff

and then STR complains that they cannot catch up with the musket and the bow, if I had the opportunity to kill them, I would not run, but fought in combat
game balance is broken

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Not anymore after update. They really nerfed the great axe, too.

What doesn’t require any skill is Hatchet invincibility. Like you literally are rewarded for dying… this game doesn’t even make you activate it prior to dying nope… it just triggers upon death and you’re invincible for 3 entire seconds. At least make it so you have to trigger it before death… this is 0 skill.

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Hatchet is not remotely strong in the pvp
meta. If you dodge backwards once you are out if it’s hitbox.

Thing is that this game is skill based. And wepon is as strong as its wielder. You playing shield sword with great axe and you 100% lossing vs Musket?

And other thing musket/bow/fire staff isnt that easy to use as you think. If you arent able to space yourself from enemy you are doomed. my fights against str users 50/50 with equal skill

If you play melee u most to stay close try to get to enemies back line from randoms sides dont go through the middle cuz it is suicide. Bow and musket dont have a chance with GA or sword in close fight, cuz only thing they can do is dodge or run. You can easily kill any mage or bow in 4-5 sec. Also in my opinion sword and shield and great axe is bad combo, if I wear you I would play hammer + sword and shield, or great axe+ Hammer. You need to accept that not every combination will be good. Sword and shield gives big advantage when you are not only one who use this, and you have some big dps and at least one healer behind you. Remember that mostly OPRs is a content with random players who mostly dont care about you and other teammates, healers heal only themselves, nobody listen, think what to do now what would be better and if their team start losing a lot of ppl just go afk, yesterday I had a match where we just wiped enemies team cuz they had only 5 active players, rest just went afk when we took 3rd point, also someplayers just go pve or dont respawn after 1st death.

In conclusion:
OP has no idea how disappointing it is to play with, let’s say a Fire Staff and hit heavy armor users for less than they are regenerating with their food.

Mages can only effectively duel other dps - and get deleted by muskets, if in open field.

Case closed.

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I am a light armor melee damage. So I pack quite a punch. But I have 8.3k up and die really fast.
If I approach from the sides and hit a gravity well I can kill 4-5 people in seconds. If I try to Frontline I usually die before I get a chance to swing.

Regarding the balance, in duels as a light armor I feel at a disadvantage versus kite ranged builds. Be it mages or / bow.
Musket seems slightly easier to deal with unless he starts 100m away from you.
Regarding large scale, being STR you either want to be tanky to soak damage or you need to play “infiltrator”/peel. You can’t join the other melees and hope for good results

light armor works for dex/int because they can attack from a distance. For str melee light armor is a death sentence. People seem to forget that every melee user must mitigate damage in order to deal damage and be close, and thats a large part of what the difficulty is.

heavy armor ain’t sht unless you have a pocket healer. medium is where its at.

except for getting 1 shot while running into melee range

Learn to play maybe?

you are just bad.

maybe dont comment on balance after 1 week beeing lvl 60 and actually git gud first.

GA/WH is still extremely powerful if played correctly. next patch this might change abit and you will actually need some skill to perform well on it but for now its pretty much still a free ride.

musket for example completely suck at pve and they usually switch to some other wep for dungeon and elite run, but excel at pvp, i don’t see why you should have a weapon that excel at everything without a trade-off. Sure, they can do that, but then they have to do the same for every other wep.
You don’t see life-staff main complaining about doing too low dps do you?
I am pretty sure the recent nerf to heavy armor, and the buff to musket/bow is an attempt to make those more viable to war. War is the most important battle in this game.

Imagine, New World without GA/WH Meta.

  • This reinforces that most weapons don’t feel responsive or polished.

  • Players are feeling dissatisfaction once they hit level 60 because there is no skill cap.

  • Skill cap being that an increase in time playing does not correlate to increased skill.

No one can “get better at hachet” because the hacket animation and skills are generally not good.


Best thing even if you have mobility(cakes) and you can get near running BOW or Musket guy you cnt hit him coz lunges are small now, abilities design not hit a running guy. Running is ezy vs Catching and at some point bow just connects or run until poison bleed makes health half.

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