Stripes on the screen

After tp, various quests. Stripes appear all over the screen in different amounts. There may be many and few of them. (It’s not because of the PC - it’s a bug of the game)

Hey Yonada, Im sure you have done a verification of the game files but if not do that. Otherwise this does seem to be a graphical glitch which can be caused by old drivers which arnt updated so please check if those are up to date. I havent ever seen this bug/ glitch before in my 2k hours of play time so this is a new one for me. Please write down your specs for me just incase it is somethign with you PC or steam deck which ever you are using.

Hello. I have similar bugs from the first day of the game. Although the game has already been reinstalled 3-4 times. This manifested itself both on a laptop and on a PC.

AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16
Draviers are the newest…

Ya seems like you are anyways on the super new hardware plus on two different devices this is strange… Only other thing I can think of is that its a screen issue but then again two different devices we can cross that one out. Time to wait for a community mod respawns or submit a ticket.