Strongly increased gold limit / Bank System?

Now that we can no longer store our gold in our own company, please increase the limit or introduce a new “bank” system where you can store your money.

I play since 3 weeks new world and am already at the maximum gold limit and now i cant save my gold anymore if i want to fight in wars?

Am I the only one with this problem?

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We need a higher goldcap on our characters. It‘s just ridiculous at this point. Some of us comfortably earn 100k+ a day and we can only store 500k before we have to try to cheese the system in order to not lose money. Come on, AGS. Make it Happen.

No. It will ruin the economy and discourage new players.


So you’re telling me as a new player who has been playing for 3 weeks (about 4-5 hours a day) and I already have 700k gold that this is discouraging me? It makes me rather unmotivated that I can do virtually nothing more to save gold…

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Cool bro you’re what is known as an outlier and games should not have their economy balanced around outliers.


go buy items.

I say make a bank that anything over gold cap will cost a 2% per week overage fee as a much needed gold sink.

3 weeks and you have over 700.000 Gold? How itw is that possible???

Chest Run for Trophy Mats, Golden Scarab Farming and i crafting stuff for professional cases where i get often Professional clothing

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