Stuck at "Continue" Screen

Trying to get into the game but am stuck at the first screen where you click “Continue.” I click the button and nothing happens. I noticed there was an update today. I’m on the Euphrates server which according to the server status page, is open with no issues.

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Hello @slapshot1968,

Welcome to the New World and Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree: :space_invader:

Sorry for the situation with the stuck screen. May i know the troubleshooting you have tried?

You can try:

*Open Steam as administrator.

*Make sure that your Windows install is fully up to date with no update pending.

*Uninstall and Reinstall New World.

*Reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat.

Let me know if you still with the same issue. :space_invader:

One of the other techies said to delete saved data folder and restart the PC. That worked. Thanks!

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i have the same issue , dit you fixed it ?

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