Stuck at "you are queueing for a starting area"

As the title says, I have been trying to get in game from 8am (Athens time) and manage to get pass the queue around 11am. Played for about an hour and all of a sudden my game crashed, a message popped up saying that my AMD gpu drivers stopped working (which of course isn’t the case) and from that time till now Im only able to get into the queue saying “you are queueing for a starting area” for about 1 hour every time, the number is not moving and suddenly I get disconnected and the same thing all over again. It’s been 9 hours. I get the 1-2 hour queue for a new release but 9 hours?! During open beta the most that I was waiting in queue was like 30mins.

Server : Hellheim Central Europe

I’m getting the same issue on Bifrost EU server. Got in a bit his morning (lucky me), game crashed, and I have been queueing all day since on “You are queueing for a starting area” as number 1 the whole day and evening. It is starting to get to me o,o
Looks like this issue is different from the open world server que…

Finally got in late last night, after having qued most of the day as number 1 in que. Frustrating, but ohhh how good it felt running through the immersive world doing my thing of awesomeness. Too bad I was soo tired at that time… it really hurt to logout as my eyes got heavy, knowing tomorrows login que would be waiting again. But still, worth it at the end, so I cant wait to que again :wink:

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