Stuck Character Unable to Trade

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I’m stuck at Trade shop cause AGS disabled trading, please fix my character I can’t even play!

Guess we aren’t allowed to play the game right now

Tried relogging?

Yeah can’t move with 6700+ weight, and can’t post on the Trade shop to lower my weight

drop stuff you have 3 minutes

drop till you can move go to storage and deposit

pick back up drop again fast travel store

rinse and repeat

Storage can’t hold all that weight, a stack of gunpowder is 2k weight… kinda dumb they need to remove weight limits man this is rediculous

you get 1k per territory so actually yes it can

Have a friend come over and help. That’s prolly the best fix

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with trade disabled 100 friends cant help

Why do you want all that gunpowder? Not even worth the hassle, it’s worth probably ~0.01 coins each??

Cause I have other materials and with that gunpowder I can create 10k + ammo and then post it all on the Trade Shop for 0.01 and skill up in the process really easily

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