Stuck in a dead server, can't transfer

So recently me and my friends left a dead server and moved to a populated one. Major difference makes the game actually playable. However, a few are stuck behind because we didn’t know the token for transfer is per account not per character. Which is beyond stupid when you won’t let people transfer out of a literally 150 population server. It’s boring and going to make you lose even more players. We had to make alt accounts on the other server so our few friends left won’t be alone. However, I feel like if your server hits below 300-200 people you should be able to transfer. It’s unfair to keep people in busted servers

200-300 pop , look at the server list that’s like 75% or more. You will have to pay for a server transfer long before they are able to do server merges. Server mergers created so many new bugs…dupes…

But you already transferred. It just that you don’t know the restriction.

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Thing is shouldn’t be a restriction when at peak hours the server is at max 100. Just a flawed system with server merges not coming quick enough to keep a player base

AGS really killed their game by making too many servers and not letting people transfer out with paid tokens or merging them faster. More of the player base would have probably stayed

All his storage’s are probably full from easy farming and he cannot make better than t3 so now he wants to transfer to a busy sever and become rich as farming on full servers is over run with no lifers.

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I don’t mind of whatever his schemes to get rich. But the fact that he had already transferred a character in his account. And he didn’t know that he can only transfer once per account.

because we didn’t know the token for transfer is per account not per character

Anyway, @Kaynga if you want to transfer to full capped world. What you can do is waiting for the low peak time eg. maybe at night of your timezone. The worlds are not always at full cap, sometime they are full, sometime they are not.

The annoucement already stated that. And this is a technical limitation. That’s why most MMO games are using this kind of restriction for world transferring. Even FF14, BDO etc are also using this restriction.

@Kaynga Just to clarify, I am not against you. I just tried to explain.

Hello @Kaynga,

My apologies for no extra server transfer tokens, this is a known issue and this is what the Dev team said: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2
After transfers have been unblocked and our investigations into these cases are complete, we are looking to provide a second round of server transfers. Estimated timing is before the year’s end. We will keep you updated if that changes.

Hope this helps, take care.

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