Stuck in Immobilize state

For a week now I’ve been stuck in the " Immobilize " state, in which when u die u cannot bleed out / give up and mobs cannot hit you, the only way for you to keep playing is if someone res you.

This is the state you’re in while doing an arena and you either get res or you wipe and get kicked out.

for some reason after we wiped on Sirens arena and got kicked out I logged out and when I logged back in I was dead at the same spot stuck in the immobilized state ( i was alive when I logged off in a safe spot )
That was more than a week ago, had to pay groups gold to come and res me and had to switch to lifestaff / hatchet to try to avoid this as much as possible since I’m a solo player.

at this point, I already gave up and stopped playing since it’s just impossible to play solo while in this state.

Cannot do Dungeons / PVP or anything that has the risk of dying for over a week now.

Yes there are more threads about this and all the commends are “me too” and there is no staff that commended/tried to help anyone so I’m guessing there is no solution.

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