Stuck in infinite Queue, Literally can't play the game

Completely stuck in an infinite queue that jumps between 1,2,3 & 4 randomly and never actually logs me in. Tried restarting the game several times and verifying the files, nothing helps and I’m sure other people have the same issue. Please help, we literally can’t play the game.



Same (Dry Tree)

10 minutes in queue and now i got in


There is an intermittent UI bug that hits the queue screen that does not result in a perpetual queue, but can cause confusion on where you are in the queue - was everyone here able to enter their intended world eventually?

Checked it a bunch of times myself and also checked what other people are saying, queue works just fine, it’s just a visual bug with the position.

yes, its just a visual bug. NWDB shows the correct server que. I posted in megathread bugs with pictures

Thanks for the confirmation all - appreciate it. :vulcan_salute:

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