Stuck in Low Crowded Server

I’m stuck in Low crowded server that can’t even find players for dungeons. Does anyone have an idea when the server transfer re-enable? It’s so boring to play like this and I still don’t want to stop playing this game and move to another game.

Please add some restrictions when re-enabling server transfer. If any server got a server queue, players can’t transfer to that server anymore, and the highest amount of players faction can’t get any more players as transferring to that server.

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transferring won’t solve the problem for all the players, I think they either have to fix the things that made players quit or start merging servers

I think players quitting is not a big problem in this movement if players can transfer servers. So players who want to play will go to good servers and start playing and build good servers. But the problem now is because they do not let players transfer good players who want to keep playing also get bored.

let’s say you transfer to another server, a month passes and the players there lose interest and they start leaving, what would you do knowing that there are other servers better than the one you are in but you have no transfer key?

No one expected 500K players playing this at the start. So yes a lot of players will leave that is natural but with time players will be more comfortable with staying in 1 server and start to get to know each other more.

I had a good server with more people online but after this server transfer enable now more than 50% of players left and now it’s so empty here. So they need to end the problem that they started 1st. Disabling server transfer for weeks after making lot of players leave is not an option. They need to do this fast or things will get much worse than this.

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it’s a whole mess to be honest, hope we get good news in the next patch

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