Stuck in queue at place 1, game unplayable as a result

I have read this bug like 5 times on this forum from over a month ago+ and the bug still exists, I cannot enter the game, I even tried disabling my VPN and all kinds of other Internet and firewall related fixes, this bug needs to be addressed already.
You can’t have such a game breaking bug in a game that people pay for, please fix it, it is impossible for me to play my character as a result and Im gonna completely miss out on the current Even that I wanted to enjoy because of it.

There are some other variations of this bug where it constantly switches you from place 15 to 14,13,12, 1 and then resets and also not letting you enter.

I have never experienced the que countdown working correctly, but it does let me in the game once i get through the que. It doesn’t look like it’s working, but at least for me it does.

I estimate from my place in line, and watch tv until i get in. And so far, it’s been pretty accurate as long as i update it right before i try to log in.

IE last night the que was 400, and estimated 30 minutes, and it took a little less than that. Afterwards late night it was over 1500 with a 2hr30m wait time. And it was reported that this was pretty accurate, but it can also change depending on how fast people log out.

But for all of us, the que timer wasn’t working right.

And of course there’s also the not knowing if anyone is going to log out for the next 2 hours. In that case, you aren’t going to get in no matter what.

That’s the part that really sucks T_T, especially because people start using anti logout tactics, having something tap their keyboard ect.

Yes, the problem is my Server usually doesn’t even have a queue, and if it does, it’s not bigger than around 15 people which should be max 2 minutes of wait time usually even with people using anti logout measures, when there are so many people playing the game it’s guaranteed to go down occasionally by people stopping.
I’ve had it tell me there was a 1-person queue for 2 hours before, which is a clear indication of it just being straight up bugged.

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