Stuck on a dead server for 6 weeks


I’ve been waiting for a “non-cancelable” trade post order fix for 2 weeks already. This issue prevents me from transfering to the server where all of my friends and guildmates did transfer to.

For the past 2 weeks I barely open the game, because there are no things to do alone.

Is there any hope for the fix soon? Or should I uninstall the game already?


that sucks @devs please fix this

you are extremely patient person
i would have noped outta there a while ago

There are no human devs, only robots.


All reports are actioned upon by a human. No bans are issued automatically.

There is no war in Ba Sing Se.


I assume you sent a ticket already?

Yeah, it might be annoying… But man… Abuse it, as long, as you can! :smiley: Best farming routes just for you…
If you are into gathering / crafting, this is huge… Fill all the storages, before you transfer…

Im in the same situation. its so bad


Nope, they transfered to different server region, so merging will not help.

That would be nice, if I wanted to play a gathering game :slight_smile: but this is MMO and i would like to get some multiplayer activity :confused: yet I get nothing and I just don’t want to bother.

At the same time I want to give credits to the friends who did I play with, since they are playing different games with me now, just to play together while this situation is being resolved (I hope).

As an update to this situation - Another week passed - no fix, no news, nothing from devs.

Well, 2nd patch has arrived today since the problem was reported AND the problem is still here.

And i STILL can’t play the game and can’t transfer my character.

As weekly update - still not fixed and I’m still can’t transfer to another server.

Couple of weeks ago I’ve even been told that some internal ticket has been created: V471149879.
Gj @devs keep up such a good work, soon it will be a month for this problem, should I send a cupcake to your office?

Another week passed, first snow is already here, yet, I’m still sitting in the exile from all of my friends. Days become shorter and maybe this is a season mood or something else, but I’m starting to loose all my hope to reunite with everyone once again from this prison cell.

Best regards,

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Well entire EU is now locked out from transfering (minus a few lucky ones that had no trades), so at least you’re not alone anymore.

If you are not filling every town storage with starmetal and maxing out all gathering skills, you will regret it.

If you cant enjoy any part of this game without your friends then maybe another game would be better for you anyway.


We need server merges!!!

I play during the off hours… the game is a ghost town then.

Well :slight_smile: you are right mate, BUT my gatherings are maxed out a month ago, and I cba to play a farming simulator alone, while I can play another game with my mates (who agreed to play other games while we can’t play NW together).