Stuck on dead server Please HELP

It is not ok to let your population stay on a server with under 300 pop. I used my transfer token to come to Linnunrata to be with my friends. I was unable to create a character with them at the start due to you all shutting down new characters on that server. So now I have no transfer token to leave this dead server, I sit in outpost rush que all day long and it never pops, I cant sell anything on the market, wars and invasions are a joke on a dead server. Please just let me pay you to get off this stupid server and allow me to enjoy your game!


I am in a similar situation with my server: typically <200 players at peak times…it sucks

please don’t tell me your friends left the server

no they are still waiting here on the dead server with me. I tell them I understand if they want to transfer, hopefully they will give more transfer tokens or something soon.

yeah man its a shitty situation to be in.

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