Stuck on the quest Keen Temper


The quest Keen Temper is bugged I crafted the sword and it still say’s 'Create the Keen Temper.


They’re working on fixing this quest and a few others.

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Hello @Hafthor_Orn and thank you @JakeL correct answers on this,

Thank you for your question regarding the Keen Temper quest not progressing after crafting the requered item. This seems to have been correctly answered by your fellow Aeternum friend so do not hesitate marking their responses as the solution if that is the case.

I will keep an eye on this thread in case you have any other questions.

See you in Aeternum! :zombie:


This is still ongoing as it’s just happened to me

Hi @Jonas4 welcome to the forums,

Yes, it is still a known issue, please keep an eye at the Official News - New World Forums for any updates on the upcoming patches.

Have a good adventure in Aeternum!! :zombie:

This has been fixed in the latest update happening tonight: New World Update 1.7.1 - News | New World - Open World MMO PC Game

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I just got this issue today… Though it was fixed…

Ok I visited the forge like 10 times, then it get resolved.

It was reported as fixed in the latest update but I still have issues with almost all EPIC gear quests;

What issue do you specifically have? The quest referenced here is fixed. A new thread might be a good idea.

I was reported fixed in latest update but I still have this issue with almost all EPIC gear quests

Does NOT work;

For me the quests now do not detect the visit part.
Visit the Outfitting station or Visit the Forge do not register. I can create the Item and that part registers but it does not complete the Quests.
I have this for almost all EPIC gear quests.
Tried resetting them and do them again but does not work.

Character: Myandra Appleton
Server: Jormungandr
Region: EU Central

This should be fixed by opening the forge or outfitting station a couple of times.

Pls stop posting here the Keen Temper quest has been solved and im not having any issues with any quests. Make your own thread…

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