Stuck/Can't Respawn

I had a crash last night and submitted the bug feedback.

Try to play today and I log in just fine but my character is dead so I need to respawn in nearest settlement…

Well I do that, get stuck in a looooooooooong loading screen and eventually I “spawn” but I have zero HP and I’m stuck. I can’t recall to inn, I can’t respawn, and I can’t unstuck. I can’t support feed back in the game either, all those options are greyed out because I’m dead.

I made a new character in a new world set and I logged in and played just fine, it’s just my primary character that’s broken.

Halp plz

Same issue with a friend died on the lake no body can res him or can unstuck.

Asked for a GM help just needed to tp him to a city or res him but looks like this game has no GM at all

I have never seen a GM in game…

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My character is stuck immoblizied and i cannot play it. Tons of people with same issue.

Seems everyone are quitting, cuz no one is getting help. Only GM or company can help you…

We should push this, They HAVE to fix this ASAP

Hello Bamsmacked, I’m sorry to hear about your issue, be assure our devs are working to fix this annoying bug. On the mean time can you please provide me the following information, so i can file a report on your behalf?

Character Name:
Character ID:
In-Game Region:
In-Game World:

I’m sorry to hear about your issue too! The immobilized bug is actually different than Bamsmacked’s, currently our devs are working on it as well but the only solution for now is being rez by another player and attempt to run the same arena and be killed by the same boss.
Thank you for your patience and understandig

Can I fill the information with my friend for immobilized bug ?


I’ve already spoken with live support and gave them the necessary information and a ticket was already submitted for me.\

I’m logging in now to see if my issue was resolved.

Just logged in and the issue still persists…

Name : Bamsmacked
Character ID : Not sure? Where do I find this
In Game Region : US East
In Game World : Valhalla

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