Stuns need a change

Hi my name is Robert. Im an experienced Realm Versus Realm player. Ive Commanded in and sought after this genre of games for pretty much my entire PC career. I currently help lead the Tank lines on my server and I actively run a WvW fight team in Guild Wars 2.

Now I enjoy this game. At its most simple level its got a lot going for it. The combat is decent and has a lot of room for nuance and skill. And the setting has a lot of potential and im excited to see where it goes.

Now on to the meat of this discussion. So we all know by now that hammer stun is incredibly powerful when stacked by multiple hammer wielders. This has been the status quo for these types of stun mechanics for literal decades. The usual balanace to these mechanics are things like target caps, dimishing returns, or a control immunity period outside of mechanics like grit. What you have is a stun meta that allows for stuns to be chained infinitely. Something that in the history of gaming has ALWAYS proven to be toxic and bad game play design. It shows a disturbing lack of research.

How does this play out in game. While its not easy to notice on the individual scale. When it comes to large scale fights like wars. It forms a relaince on that mechanic to shape the state of the game. Right now the defensive meta for holding territory has become “bring more doods with hammers” if you dont bring a hammer secondary you wont get put on a roster. Any attacking force just gets chain stunned; convulsing on the point getting shot by cannons. All the while the enemy is free to spawn on the point uncontested (Which needs a whole thread on its own. Tell my why you thought that was a good idea.) because of the stuns keeping it clear.

This is not fun or engaging game play. It removes any skilled opposition and just boils down to who can once again abuse the broken mechanics the best. I like this game and I think it has a lot of potential. But if something doesn’t change drastically Im not sure if im going to continue to waste my time. Especially when there seems to have been the bare minimum of research put in to it and its being left to the community to fix their shit.

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