Stupid question, is luck useful in high-end Expeditions

I’m about to craft up some end game gear and I don’t think Luck is very good. The only reason I could see running it is if 600 GS items can drop as non-legendary, and people are saying thats not possible. Any clarification here or any other reason to want Luck on Expeditions?

My understanding is that it only works on named items. So in theory it would work on getting more named items such as WOTA, Fury, etc. In general though by the time you get to M10 you no longer need those and the focus is more in un-named legendary items. The M level independently increases the chance of these. Luck does not increase the chance of getting legendary items, only named items.

Although personally you don’t really need much beyond ward perks so I think it would be nice to have something like ward, refreshing, and luck on a set. You still might get a goldensteel or fish bowl from the chests, albeit very unlikely.

Edit: Also, no such thing as stupid questions. Although I’m sure people may argue against that lol.

Edit 2: Final one! I would consider waiting until she’s the next update to craft some things. It appears they will be improving the algorithm so less likely to get things that don’t make sense or don’t work well together. Also revitalizing all of the less desired perks. It might change what is most desired on armor so might be worth a wait. Just something to think about.

I guess there’s going to be stuff that we’ll just never know

The way AGS design “luck” I don’t think even they know if it’s working

Luck is more of a concept than anything actually tangible. Just gotta “feel” it and STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. AGS BREAKS A GLASS BOTTLE AND THREATENS YOUR LIFE

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I guess if we’re lucky we’ll find out eventually

They really did a much better write up for luck as it happens. Every one before attempted to explain it with very large numbers and %'s. This one looks like they got a regular person to write it out in english.

[Dev Blog] Luck FAQ - Developer Corner - New World Forums

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Ok so the initial presumption was correct, getting 600 GS items is not affected by luck. We’re still presuming 600 GS is alwaysy legendary.

They say multiple times that it increases the chance of a “named” item drop, so I guess the value of luck depends completely on whether or not those named items are sought after. Thanks for the link!

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It is VERY possible to get GS 600 items and them not be legendary! In the last week I’ve gotten weapons (at least 1 great axe) and armor pieces that were purple 600’s.

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