Stupid Storage system

Hello everyone i love the game and after 120hrs playing there is one annoying thing its stupid storage system. there should be one big storage that you have access from all towns


Agree. Running into max storage means you must split your storage to multiple towns which leads to more azoth spending which leads to more farming for a basic need.
Combine that with the stupidly locked off markets you have to travel too if you want to buy somethin and the easily cumulative azoth cost for crafting you look at a severely flawed system which prevents you from enjoying the game.


Kind of agree . Been theory crafting how I’m going to get past this one. I’m away with family for two nights so guess that gives me that time to think about it. I’ve started making spreadsheets with where I store what in what cities and trying to split basics , split stacks of motes for crafting and distribute them where needed etc. I’m sure it’s possible to find a well organised way around this all and someone will possibly make a guide and a YouTube video explaining how to split things. After they’ve done the research and put in the same work but yea lol… guess we’ll see where this one goes . I’ve also started only upgrading storage with standing level on one of my low level towns… will see how much I can get out of that but yep…

Big paragraph but I should’ve just wrote , meh.


I have to hoof it to another town to do a lot of crafting. The server is mostly Marauder and I’m Syndicate, so it’s expensive to fast travel and there’s not another Syndicate town reasonably close.


i can tell you, it’s not much better when the same faction, having to go to 2-4 towns to try and do all your stuff


I don’t mind the storage, but let me use my stored materials from every town when I want to craft. Either this or make storage central. One of both. Because the way it is right now it’s incredibly punishing, especially when you might need some upgraded work benches in town A and B while your main storage is in town C. Now add the horrendous Azoth costs for teleporting when you’re not owning the territory and you have just created an issue that really shouldn’t be one.


It’s such a PITA that I may just start selling the mats that I collect instead of crafting. The town I’m in now doesn’t have much in the way up upgraded workbenches, so that forces me to transport stuff to craft.

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I have to agree I find this most annoying.


Its super easy to fix storage issues though. Use 3 cities for storage.

One with max tier Kitchen, one with max tier Arcana and the one with your house for everything else and slap a storage box in your house. You will never have weight issues and you are forced to move either way because not all settlements will have the tiers you need to craft.


Game was built from ground up for this system with localised resources, trading posts and storage, remove one of it and rest of it makes no sense… My two cents, get used to it, it wont change.


I would be very happy with a feature like this even if there was a small gold fee for withdrawing items stored in a different location. It does get tiresome to run between several towns just to sort out inventory.

If would agree with the storage system if fast traveling would be easier or would exist outside of teleports. But so there are four or five conditions that might make your life miserable:

  1. storage bound to a town
  2. weight problems
  3. teleport costs
  4. crafting requiring you to have your mats with you
  5. required town upgrades for crafting

This is a huge list of possible inconveniences.


Disagree, this is a main core feature of the game. The ability to manage your resources and the individuality of settlements with their unique and independent economies. If you have one shared storage, you eliminate that other aspect entirely.

It’s not going to be for everyone, but I think it overall makes the game better. Sure it can be frustrating to have 100 iron bars in Windsward and you need it in Weavers, but its also crazy rewarding when you find a settlement that has very limited quantities of something on the trading post, so you bring it there and make double your money on the trading post.

Having one shared storage system also removes the core mechanic of the settlement upgrading their crafting tiers. If you have access to all of your storage everywhere, then you dont have to bring materials to a settlement that upgraded their loom to tier 5, you just need to empty your inventory and fast travel there. Again, that might be what some people want, but the game is specifically designed the opposite way so its not going to change any time soon.


It would be a more interesting system to manage if not for the fact that there’s massive overlap between the mats you need for various professions.

You can’t easily say oh, I’ll store this type of thing here and work on that crafting profession there. You need a mix of mats from across the spectrum for a lot of stuff so there’s no simple system of deciding to make that place for that purpose and this other place for that other purpose.


After reading all the comments, I can see both sides…maybe a simple solution is to increase the storage limits in each city.


A company storage for people to put stuff in for other members would be nice too. Im tying up storage space for some of my people who are leveling so they can have good gear.


Agree 100%.

They tried to reinvent the wheel with an octagon.



I think the storages should all be linked.


Make it free to grab from other storages that your faction owns.

Use the charge system if the storage is in a town your faction doesn’t own. (Also lower the costs of this system, because as it stands, coins are insanely hard to accumulate at endgame -.-)

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I’ve never particularly understood how people run in to storage issues, I have a house with 3 chests so I have 1.7k and I rarely reach 1.2k. You should either sell your excess, level your trade skills or refine mats to higher levels. All of these reduce your weight super quickly. Hell reaching 100 cooking is super easy, if you have mats use them no need to hold them

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This will be almost impossible due to invasions and losing wars. One week you might have mining stuff in brightwood then they lose a war and the smelter gets downgraded and all those tier mats are just sitting there with no use unless you move them to another smelter. They really do not want you hoarding stuff in this game. Maybe they don’t want to deal with all the extra space they would need to provide. Right now you are pretty much forced to use what you got to keep making room then breaking your bank er… sorry shed when you have to move it